Sheriff Mosely contacted you the other day about a situation that

has developed at Soulforge. Shortly after the Karras legions abandoned

the cathedral they were replaced by hostile forces and consequently

nobody has been able to penetrate very far into the complex.

Mosely does not know who or what these forces are but she suspects

that their activities are illegal or subversive. She sent in a

secret agent to investigate but he has not returned and nothing has

been heard of him.

Mosely asked you to go in there, find out what is going on and tell

her when it is safe to mount a raid. As a reward she will turn a

blind eye if you choose to pocket any loot items you may find.

That's not much inducement to undertake such a dangerous task,

but you've heard rumours in town that there may be some priceless

ancient artefacts hidden inside Soulforge. Finding those would

justify the risk.


Note: At some stage you may have to disable a combat bot. Mines,

2 fire arrows, 2 frogbeasts, or 2 water arrows(into the firebox)

will disable bots at long range. If you have to get up close,

sword and blackjack will eventually prevail.


Credits: This FM is based on the T2 original mission

"Sabotage at Soulforge" by Eidos and Looking Glass Studios.

Many thanks to the tireless testers for finding numerous bugs and making

helpful suggestions.

Alpha Tester: Nightwalker

Beta Testers: Nightwalker


Peter Smith




Honorary testers: fibanocci, Lawviz, webe123

Thanks also to the helpful residents of the TEG forum at TTLG.


This mission is © 2011 by Freddy Fox.

It is not supported by Eidos or Looking Glass Studios.

Version: 04 27th July 2011