The Hammerite Imperium, Mission 1:

"The Seven Shades of Mercury"

A Thief 2 Fan Mission

Release: Version 1.1

Date: May 23, 2009


My name is Shivan. I am an acolyte at the Excantium Academia, where we endure a grueling education and indoctrination into the Hammerite Legion here on the island of Tallia. It is the night of graduation, and per the tradition, the format for the final examination pits the seven teams of the graduating class against one another. The goal is simple: Capture as many of the other teams' icons as possible whilst defending your own.

It is easier said than done, however, when matters are complicated by alliances and old rivalries. I am the leader of the White Team, and had negotiated an alliance with Gold, Purple and Blue - we called ourselves the Band of Four. The other teams, Silver, Black, and Red, are intimidating because of their superior equipment, abilities, and numbers, but by securing the allegiance of the other teams we should have outnumbered them and been successful. Had we all stuck to the alliance, that is… Through grave treachery, the Gold Team have taken it upon themselves to break the Band of Four and try to ally themselves with the stronger teams – although word is that Silver and Black scoffed at the suggestion. The Golds ambushed us, rendering the rest of my team unconscious, and throwing me, half-conscious, down into the river which flows between the Academy and the Cathedral.

When I awakened, battered and bruised, I found myself sprawled on an ice floe in the river. To my surprise, however, I appear to have landed on a Black team member, who must have been spying on the blue team! He was completely knocked out by the collision. I discovered his cloak, which appears to render the wearer all but invisible in the shadows. It should prove invaluable in what is sure to be an immense challenge: with the rest of my team incapacitated, I must go it alone against all six other teams! For not even our earlier allies will help me now - they are sure to have allied with some of the opposing teams, knowing that with the dissolution of the Band of Four, I am a team unto myself.

After lowering my guard, which allowed the Gold sneak attack, I'm quite certain the only way I can pass my examination, honor my sponsor, and redeem myself in the eyes of the examiners now is by seeking revenge against the Gold team, and using the cloak to take as many of the other teams' icons as I can.

This will be the challenge of a lifetime...

Playing Information

Mission Title – Seven Shades of Mercury

File Name – miss19.mis

Build Time – Many years

Difficulty Level Info – Novitiate, Legionnaire, Shadow



Project Lead – Alexius

Architects – Den Thief, Alexius

Programmers – Thiefsie fool, Mortal monkey, John D, Yandros, John9818a

Core writers – Alexius, Ibsen's Ghost, Macsen

De-buggers and level editors – John D, Clearing, Zontik, Yandros, John9818a

Artists – Alexius, Redface, Mog, Zad

Music – Atolonen & Ziili

Sound team – Gamophyte, New Horizon, Sxerks, Solabusca, DeepQantas, John D, Pablo Dictter, Uncadonego, PhaeThorn, Bikerdude, Yandros

Helping hands – Biohazard, PhaeThorn, Jericho, Jesse, Ataricom, BurrickOnToast, dSpair, S_Hole, Sterlino, ThiefsyCookieDough, BrokenArts, Modetwo, Fingernail, Sneaksie, Blackruin, Alpha-Omega, Komag, Sluggs, Bikerdude

Custom objects – S_Hole, Mortal Monkey, Sluggs, Schwaa, Nameless Voice, Paweuek, R Soul, Targa, Watcher, von.Eins, Yandros, Christine, Dhin, Nameless Voice, Vigil, Ottoj55

Movie production – S_Hole

Movie voiceover – Saturnine

Beta Test Team – Bikerdude, Peter Smith, Nightwalker, nightshifter, clearing, john9818a, Yandros, ffox

Grammar Cops – Nickie and Tannar

Special thanks to everyone from TTLG for being awesome

Special thanks to the Low Poly Guild for the great custom objects

Special thanks to David Gurrea for extra textures

If anyone isn't credited properly, notify Yandros or Bikerdude.

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Copyright Information

This level is © by the Imperial Architect Alexius and zee Hammerite Imperium Team

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos