The Rustler


Title : The Rustler

Filename : Rustler. zip

Author : Naks

Contact info : naksoje@yahoo.com

Homepage :http://www.naksthiefland.webs.com

Date of release : December, 2011

Version : 1.0

Description: "Garrett, my friend,

Be careful tonight. Someone reported you to the City Watch for stealing a very valuable Horse Statue from the famous statue collector, Lord Blackwood. The City Watch will soon knock on your door, so better escape via rooftops.

I also noticed another thing. Recently, a wealthy merchant called Rob, bought the nice castle in the suburb of the town. High society accepted him with respect, although nobody knows what his real profession is.

I just know that he hired two the best city archers to keep his estate protected and a bunch of guards too. I wonder what is behind such a strange

behavior? Or, maybe he is just another eccentric noble?"

Anyway, when you finish your job planed for tonight, I'll wait for you at my home.



This is a small FM where Garrett finally is riding a horse called Midnight Storm.:) Before you “frob” the horse for riding , please check if all gates around the house are opened, otherwise you can break the mission.


* Play Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Names : The Rustler

File names : miss22.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes.

Equipment store : No.

Map/Automap : No

New graphics : Yes.

New sounds : Yes.

New conversations : No

New models : Yes

EAX Support : Yes

Multi language support : No.

Briefing : No

Beta testers: P Forth and me


* Construction *

Base : Template mission for Classic Thief Contest I never finished

Map Size : Small.


* Loading Information *

Run from Dark Loader. Leave the file ZIPPED - DO NOT UNZIP this file, but put the "Rustler. zip" file into whatever folder/directory you want to on your hard drive,

Than in Dark Loader setup, point to this folder/directory, and the mission should show up in the Dark Loader main screen.


* Thanks To *

Everyone who wrote very good tutorials I learned from and everyone who make fan missions.


Thanks to: (Please, let me know if I forgot someone for credits)

Jason L Tibbitts III for hosting

Rob Hicks for DromED deluxe, Nameless_Voice, Shadowspawn, Schwaa, Targa, Telliamed



* Copyright Information *

This level is © by Naks

Horse object is free for non- commercial use. If you want to use it in your FM, please give me a credit.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos