Return to the UNN!

A System Shock 2 Expansion Pack

Author: Blaydes

June 2005

BETA v 1.0

This mission was conceived and created by Dan Rimer, known as blaydes99 on the forums. These missions, and all that this archive contains, including architecture, layout, and plot items are sole property of the author and are not to be modified, altered, or redistributed without the author's explicit consent. Repeat: all intellectual material and property contained herein that is not copyright TTLG is property of the author!

Description and contents:

This is a 6-level fan mission that details your adventure as a low-level UNN employee (of course you have R-grade cybernetic implants). It begins near the UNN Titus facility. It has taken me hundreds of hours to create what I've done so far, so I hope that you enjoy the missions.

How to install:

EXTRACT THE “installRTTUNN.bat” into your SS2 folder and run it, then extract all the other files into your SS2 folder.

IMPORTANT!! BACK UP YOUR EARTH.MIS file in you base System Shock 2 directory. You can do this by copying it to another location or by changing its name from "earth.mis" to "earth.backup.mis" or something similar.

ALSO, go into the patch directory and change the name of the strings.crf file to something else (for example, strings.crf.old). If you don’t do this you will be confused and have a horrible experience!

FIRST: System Shock 2 must be mod-ready. If you don't know how to do this or aren't sure, read the the section about how to make your SS2 installation mod-ready.

SECOND: Unzip the contents of this file into the root of the System Shock 2 install folder, MAKING SURE that "Use Folder Names" is enabled.


1. Create a new folder called RES inside the SS2 install directory.

2. Move all the files ending in .CRF from the root of the SS2 directory to the newly created folder (there should be 16 of them).

3. Make a backup copy of INSTALL.CFG (located in the root of the SS2 directory). Just highlight it, then press CTRL-C, CTRL-V.

4. Open up INSTALL.CFG using Notepad.

5. Find the line that starts with "resname_base". Add "\res" to the first path in this line. For example:

resname_base c:\games\shock2+f:\shock2


resname_base c:\games\shock2\res+f:\shock2

(where "c:" is the install drive, and "f:" is the CD-ROM drive)

(this text was taken from the Installation Instructions that accompany the SHTUP texture pack)

How to Un-install:

1. Simply double-click on the file “UNINSTALLRTTUNN.bat” in your SS2 folder to remove the RTTUNN files so you can play SS2 normally again.


A very special thanks to Clay “Zylonbane” Halliwell for his new textures, new sounds, new music, new objects, help cleaning up the mini-maps, moral support, cool ideas, playtesting, and for simply caring about this project enough to put in his personal time and effort. This project would be nothing like it is today without his help!

Special thanks for recording awesome logs go to:

Additional thanks go to:

Skyboxes and Music:

And of course thanks to the whole Irrational Games and Looking Glass Software staff for creating the best game ever! We all hope that you come together again for another masterpiece *cough* Bioshock! *cough*!