Author : Terry DeLaney

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Release Date: January 2007 (Updated July 2010)


Lord Denada is another fat burrick living in a countryside castle. Your Aunt Maggie did a recon, posing as a housemaid. She says the man is ripe for picking. Since Denada is good buddies with that old pervert, Lord Kessler, he deserves whatever ill befalls him. Break in, rip him off, and get out again. You aunt also claims that Lord D. is hiding a nasty secret in his private dungeon.

Playing Information

Game : Thief 2

Mission Title : Reflections

Version : 2.0

File Name : miss21.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yep

Equipment Store : Nope

Map : Nope

Auto Map : Nope

New Graphics : Yep

New Sounds : Nope

Multi-Language Support : Nope

Briefing : Yepper

Length : -1 minute

Size : 34 megs

Difficulty Level Info: Normal, Hard, Expert


Quality Control

SirFreddieM, Pedro Quintela, Lightningline, Slipknot, & Ganac

Sluggs: Skybox

Nameless Voice: Textures

R Soul: Technical

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Copyright Information

Copyright © January 2007

by Terry DeLaney

The THX logo is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Entertainment, Ltd

Permission is granted to freely play and distribute this level.

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