Orthodox Wedding


Title : Orthodox Wedding

Filename : Ortwed.zip

Author : TDBonko (with friends)

Contact info : tdbonko@yahoo.com

Homepage : www.geocities.com/tdbonko

Date of release : ???.

Version : 1.0

Description: This FM is inspired by the novel “90 Years Later” from Laza Lazarevic. Garrett decided to take a rest from his job and to visit his old buddy Boris who lives in a nice mountain village. So, he didn’t take much of his equipment. When he saw Boris and heard his sad story, things become complicated.”

NOTE: Please, don’t interrupt conversations. There is a noticeable slow-down in fps outside the church area.


System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

Pentium IV 1500 MHz or higher

256 MB RAM

GeForce 4 64 MB or higher

Recommended Requirements:

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or higher

512 MB RAM

ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB or higher


* Play Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Names : Orthodox Wedding

File names : miss20.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes.

Equipment store : No.

Map/Automap : No

New graphics : Yes.

New sounds : Yes. Music themes: “Miris poljskog cveca”, “Oj goro” Braca Teofilovici,

New conversations : Yes

New models : Yes

EAX Support : Yes

Multi language support : No.

Briefing : No.


* Construction *

Base : Dedx.

Map Size : Small.

Build Time : ?????

Build Info :


* Loading Information *

Run from Dark Loader. Leave the file ZIPPED - DO NOT UNZIP this file, but put the whole "Ortwed.zip" file into whatever folder/directory you want to on your hard drive,

than in Dark Loader setup, point to this folder/directory, and the mission should show up in the Dark Loader main screen.


* Thanks To *

Everyone who wrote very good tutorials I learned from and everyone who make fan missions.


Thanks to: (Please, let me know if I forgot someone for credits)

Jason L Tibbitts III for hosting

Rob Hicks for DromED deluxe, Nameless_Voice, Shadowspawn, Schwaa, Targa, Sluggs (for creating, his new FM)


Special thanks to:

Freddy Fox, Nightwalker

for beta testing.


for voice acting ( Boris)


* Copyright Information *

This level is © by TDBonko (with friends)

Distribution of this level is allowed in any way, shape, or manner you wish as long as it free. However, you must leave the mission intact and you are free to use any object you like.

(custom made object)

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos