Off The Record

by Yandros


Release Date: Dec 25 2008

Version: 1.0

This mission was begun for the Thief Anniversary Contest, but I missed the deadline. It still adheres to the space restriction of the contest.


You recently met with an informant, who was told by a guard that works in the City Hall Annex that there is a case file on you being kept there. Sounds like a little trip to the Annex is in order, to make sure that your case file gets 'lost'... that way if you're ever unlucky enough to get caught by the bulldogs, none of your past sins can be held against you. You pry open a window in the basement and slip inside...



Nameless Voice, Nightwalker, Peter Smith, Qolelis


Custom Scripts: Nameless Voice, Telliamed

Scripting assistance: Nameless Voice, R Soul

All scripts needed to play the mission are included.


Digital Nightfall CoSaS keys

Eshaktaar Loose papers, lamps

Nameless Voice Bookcases, cabinet, drawer, safe, several loot items from the EP

PinkDot Books, bookcases, tables

R Soul Turbine

Sluggs Basement light fixtures

The Watcher Wall lamp

Vigil Light shaft (recoloured by Yandros)

Vigil & Yandros Iron gate (recoloured by Yandros)

Yandros Moneyboxes, buttons, rolled map, two new doors

ZylonBane Crate texture


Dave Guerrea



Mycelia by Robert Rich & Alio Die

This mission is © 2008 by Yandros.

It is not supported by Eidos or Looking Glass (R.I.P.) so dont go crying to them if you have problems.

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