Title: OMG Get You're Blackjack Back! LOL

Author: Anonymous (thank goodness)

Contest: Crap Contest, December 2006


OMG those crappy bluecotes stoel you're blackjack and wont give it back LOL!!1!

Now its time 2 take you're revenge on them!! Get you're sword, leave the hotel and kill all the cops in town!!

and while your out go 2 the police staion and get back you're blackhack.. LOL

Difficulty settings:

Crap, Crap and Crap


- u got some bluecotes to kill so take you're sword with u

- kill all the bluecotes inn town

- find ur blackjack its at the police station

- getting enuf loot to hire a stripper dude!!1 lol


Just one little texture. And I will stroke him, and love him, and call him George.


That would kind of defeat the crapful purpose, now wouldn't it? ;-)