M y s t i c G e m s II - H e a r t o f B o h n

Version 1.1

By Wille taffermail@hotmail.com



Getting the Mystic Soul was easy just like I imagined. But here the game gets a bit trickier…

I have never been to Bohn, one of the few main cities in the region. So far everything has

gone by the plan, but during my years of thieving I have learned to expect the unexpected.

And this time too I have a somewhat bad feeling of things to come. According to Lord

Gillian’s diary this Mystic Soul that I stole from him is cursed. A few lines in some noble’s

diary isn’t very convincing so I hope to stumble on some additional information.

The Mystic Heart is the reason why I am in here, it is located inside one the main

establishments of the city - the Baronial Museum. The museum is filled with valuables from

different eras and cultures so security will be tight, however any guards patrolling the streets

shouldn’t bother me unless I do something foolish. I was able to find only a simple map

meant for museum visitors, it doesn’t show staff areas but it’s better than nothing.

In addition to the gemstone I am also going to find some valuable information about

my…targets. There is sure to be some research notes in the museums archives. Once I have

finished everything I have to get out of the city before dawn breaks.



-This mission is heavy so expect some slowdowns on older hardware

-You can walk through the red felt ropes. Guards and other NPCs can do the same too!

-Turn fog ON for better visuals

-Fog can look very different depending on your monitor. If you can see only greenish haze

then it’s best to turn the fog OFF


FM Credits

-Blackthief (textures)

-David Gurrea (textures)


-DreamWalker (readables)

-ERH (museum ambient)


-Eshaktaar (coronas, magical flames)

-Nameless Voice (moon, globe, corner cabinet, Victorian tables, lectern,

poker bin, spider chest, flames, custom scripts, rooftops, rosary)



-Nielsen74 (book sets, columns, blue vase)


-Nivellen (warrior statue texture)


-Ottoj55 (door handles, guard texture bases, tapestries, metal bars, torches, lilypads,

curved chains)


-Pinkdot (stone pillars, cobwebs, textures)

-redface (open books)

-RSoul (wall candles, fixed No KO guard & gas arrow model)


-Saturnine (plate mail guard texture)

-Schwaa (coat racks, book stacks, street lamps)


-Sliptip (clouds)

-Sluggs (potted plants, buildings)


-Targa (fat guard, dome model, haunt model)


-TDBonko (banners, statues, steel breast plates, woman guard model)


-Telliamed (custom scripts)


-thief_gotcha (textures)


-Vigil (lights shafts, textures, map base, water effects, open books)


-Yandros (Hammerite coins & medallion, iron gates, metal shelves)


-Two floor textures were taken from Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Play testing








Techical information

Game: Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission Title: Mystic Gems II – Heart of Bohn

File name: miss21.mis

Custom Gamesys: Yes (mg2.gam)

Difficulty Settings: Yes (Easy, Normal, Hard)

Equipment store: Yes

Map / Automap: Yes / No

New graphics: Yes

New sounds: Yes

New motions: No

New scripts Yes (NVScript.osm, tnhScript.osm)

Multiple languages: No

Briefing: No

Debriefing: No



Base: Scratch

Build Time: About 2 years, work was started in November 2006

Mission is pretty detailed and some areas have high poly counts. Outdoor areas are heaviest

and old computers will start slugging. Most indoor areas should run well enough for good

Thief experience.

Mission was made with following system:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @3200MHz

Geforce 8800GT 512MB

2Gb 1000Mhz DDR2 RAM


Loading information

Use DarkLoader to run the mission, unzip manually only if you know what you are doing.


Legal information

Copyright © 2008, Wille

Distribution of this fan mission is allowed freely as long as the the package remains in its

original form. This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios (R.I.P.) or Eidos Interactive.