M y s t i c G e m s I - U n l u c k y S o u l

By Wille taffermail@hotmail.com



I got a very intriguing offer last night. I need to aquire two gemstones I’m very familiar with:

Mystic Soul and Mystic Heart

It’s been a while since I plundered them out of Bonehoard and since then they have been

changing owners over and over again. My client informed me that Mystic Soul is currently in

Lord Gillian’s possession who has an old mansion in Eastport. Getting the Mystic Soul should

be routine but as for the Heart - well that is on display at The Bohn Baronial Museum.

I was told that the inner city of Bohn is closed from general public, guess the nobility there

wants to keep streets clear from us disreputable people. Luckily my client has thought of this

too. There’s a big shipment of high class food suplies leaving to an inn in Bohn. This

shipment should provide an easy way into Bohn’s inner city. Once I’m done with the

mansion, I should find my way into Gilbert & Son Shipping Company warehouse and board

the right shipment there. I must be carefull not to alert or harm any of the warehouse guards or

the plan will surely fail.

Getting both stones will be tricky but for the amount I’m getting paid, I’m willing to take

some serious risks.


FM Credits

-Dark Arrow (wooden chandelier)


-Eshaktaar (levers)

-Nameless Voice (wall lantern, food objects, red barrels, cubic stove, crates, doors, jars,

candles, card deck, purse)


-Nielsen74 (Victorian chest)

-Ottoj55 (table, iron fence, water tower)


-R Soul (paintings, chandelier)


-Schwaa (book stacks, feather & ink bottle, oil lamp, double wall candle, sewer light)


-Sluggs (water troughs, stool, park bench)

-Targa (wine barrels, rope crate, floor lever, office chair & desk, shield, safe door, fat guard)


-Team Calendra (cellar floor texture)

-Telliamed (custom scripts)

-Vigil (textures, pipes, foot locker, sea chest, barrels, books, lantern textures, sky, clouds,

rope, blank map backrounds)


-von.Eins (basket, wooden railings)

-Big dining room painting by Hans Gude (1847)

-Victrola music by Gao Hong Music



Play testing







Techical information

Game: Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission Title: Mystic Gems I – Unlucky Soul

File name: miss20.mis

Custom Gamesys: Yes (sumu.gam)

Difficulty Settings: Yes (Easy, Normal, Hard)

Equipment store: Yes

Map / Automap: Yes / No

New graphics: Yes

New sounds: Yes (ambients from Thief Gold)

New motions: No

Multiple languages: No

Briefing: No

Debriefing: No



Base: Scratch

Ideas: Made during boring school classes

Build Time: four months and six days

Mission is pretty detailed and some areas have high poly counts. Outdoor areas are heaviest

and old computers will start slugging. Indoors should run well enough for good Thief

experience. The whole mission can be played with at least 350Mhz Pentium II with 128Mb

RAM and Nvidia TNT2 Pro 32Mb.

Mission was made with following system:

AMD A64 3700+ @2650Mhz

Geforce 6800GS 256Mb

1Gb 333Mhz DDR RAM


Loading information

Use DarkLoader to run the mission, unzip manually only if you know what you are doing.


Legal information

Copyright (c) 2006, Wille

Distribution of this fan mission is allowed freely as long as the the package remains in its

original form. This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios (R.I.P.) or Eidos Interactive.