* The Mirror of Return (Version 1b) *

A Thief 2 fan misison by PsymH (M.H.)

- sequel to "Ultima Ratio" -

--- Important Note ---

Darkloader ready. Do not unzip -- Place in fan mission folder and install using

Darkloader 4.2 or later. This mission package was not tested using GarrettLoader!

This mission packages contains Telliamed’s custom scripts:

(PublicScripts V2.1, tnhScript V2.1).

Although this mission is the sequel to Ultima Ratio, it is not necessary to play it in

advance, since the Mirror of Return has its own story.

I recommend that you read every text in the mission since they contain hints and

tips for many objectives and puzzles.

--- Story ---

"Well, some things do change over the course of time! Just as my pursuers thought

they'd caught me, I escaped again. I’m feeling almost bad about poor Orin,

but at least that bloody Nestor got what he deserved. And now I own his precious journal!

Although he didn’t exactly say where the “Element of Three Forces” is located,

I know why he was so eager to capture me. He hoped to establish

contact with Larius. And who would be better suited to establish contact with

a Keeper than a former Keeper? Nestor must have known that Larius is

an expert when it comes to ancient relics – especially those that possess great

magical powers.

What he didn’t know was that Larius was rarely to be found in the local Keeper

compound. Artemus told me that Larius used to travel a lot.

His last known destination was the southern regions and it is likely that

he wanted to visit an old fortress in this area, built above a source of magical power.

I’m not sure if Larius is still there but he is my best lead. As the Hammerites would

say: 'Never doubt the Builder’s word…'

I just hope that Duncan stays out of this as always.”

-- Additional Information --

Game: Thief - The Metal Age

Titel: The Mirror of Return

File name: miss22.mis, miss23.mis, miss24.mis

Difficulty Settings: number of enemies and difficulties of puzzles

Equipment Store: no

Map: yes

Automap: no

New textures: yes

New sounds: yes

New Objects: yes

Multi-Language Support: English, German

Briefing: no

--- Changes in Version 1b ---

The mission fails now, if you hit Beatrix KO or attack her.

Also the there are no crashes anymore, if you pick up

Beatrix' body.

The portal key opens no longer the temple, but only

the tomb. Also the portal keys exists only in higher


There is also a sword on expert.

The earth talisman is no longer teleported where

you can find it in the beginning.

Larius gives the Eye of Revelation not directly to the player, but

he drops it on the ground. The player has to activate the Eye

on his own way now.

Fixed: A as optional marked goal wasn't really optional.

Fixed: A palm was floating over the ground.

Even with slowfall potion you will die if you fall in the

blackness from the air dimension.

The number of secrets was corrected - hopefully it is

right now.

Fixed: You can climb away from the map in some cases.

--- Known Bugs ---

Shadows cast by palm-trees do not affect the light gem and will not effect

your visibility. There are transparency problems when looking

at them from above too.

The fast moving lava platform when it changes direction can cause the player to move

into the lava.

--- Construction ---

Base: from scratch

Build Time: 2007 - 2010

--- Credits ---

- Alphatesters -



- Betatesters -








- Final betatesting -


undead gamer

- new objects -


Dark Arrow





Nameless Voice








Team CoSaS


Vigil <www.washboardabs.net/thief/>


I would like to thank Greenhorn, who supplied many custom objects for this mission package and

Sterlino, who assisted with creating a new mesh for the „Eye Of Revelation“.

- new textures -


David Gurrea <http://www.davegh.com/blade/davegh.htm>

Lemog3D <http://lemog.free.fr/lemog_v5/index.php?cat=4&lang=german>

Nameless Voice


Thorin Oakenshield

Vigil <www.washboardabs.net/thief/>

Ville Paavolainen

Animax <www.animax.it>

Mayang's Free Textures <www.mayang.com>

(optimated for Thief 2 by Sliptip)

- new sounds -


- english translation -



- german voices -




- english voices -




- Special Thanks -

Fibanocci for the custom menu-screen

Rob Hicks for DromEd Deluxe

Special thanks goes to Nameless Voice, Vigil, Eshaktaar, R Soul and DarkDragon for

the Thief 2 Enhancement Package!

And of course Sliptip, who allowed me to use his textures from „Ashen Age“, as

well as Blackmen, who supplied several texts for the missions.

...and everyone else who helped me with solving technical problems

and the ones I forgot to mention.

--- Copyright ---

This Fanmission is (c) by PsymH (M.H.) 2010

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is

kept intact. You may not include this level in any map pack without my permission.

No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive,

or Ion Storm.