Date: Saturday March 13, 2010


Title : Mine Saga

Filename : MineSaga10e.zip

Version : 1.0e

Author : Michael A. Cleveland (AntiMatter_16)

Contact info : AntiMatter_16@hotmail.com


Mine Saga begins at Darkstone Mine, a completely dark mission

in which you have to use flares to navigate and light torches while

trying to complete your objectives. The next mission, Mine Affairs,

brings you to a small manor in the city that hides a mournful secret.

Bonds of Mine takes you to the northern mountains through a garrison,

a Hammerite Monastery with a dark past and an ancient mage's tower.

The last mission, Mine Saga's End, is set back in the city.

For additional improved graphics, I recommend downloading and

installing the Thief Enhancement Pack by Nameless Voice, unless you

prefer a more classic look.

Author's Note:

Mine Saga is a compilation of all my previously released

missions, updated with better graphics, visuals, enhancements to

gameplay and many additions, changes, and improvements that I couldn't

possibly list. Mine Saga also includes a brand new unreleased mission,

briefings for each mission and an ending credits movie.

Darkstone Mine was originally created in just a weekend, and was

intended to take an element of gameplay, flares, and use them to their

utmost potential. As a consequence, the entire mission has zero ambient

light and is contained in the space of a 64 foot cube.

Mine Affairs was released just a week after Darkstone Mine was

released. It was originally intended to be in a 64 foot cube, but was

rearranged to better utilize space and fits in a 64x128x32 foot brush,

with the same volume.

With Bonds of Mine, I tried to create a large organic feeling

outside environment using textures I personally made. Construction

took several months. It's the only mission in the campaign that wasn't

intended to fit in a 64 foot cube.

Mine Saga's End is also a genuinely small mission that was

originally intended to be inside a 64 foot cube, but was just slightly

expanded for an very special effect and added visuals.

I certainly hope you enjoy the missions, but most of all I hope I

get you thinking about some of the ideas and themes that are presented

through the story. It was those ideas that fueled the creation of all

my missions.

Thanks for playing!

-Michael A. Cleveland


* Playing Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Names : DarkStone Mine, Mine Affairs, Bonds of Mine,

Mine Saga's End

File Names : miss20.mis, miss21.mis, miss22.mis, miss23.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes

Equipment Store : Yes

Map/Automap : Yes/No

New Graphics : Yes

New Objects : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

EAX Support : Yes

Multi-Language Support : No

Briefings : Yes

Difficulty Level Info : Normal, Hard, Expert

* Construction *

Base : File -> New

Map Size : Small, Small, Medium, Small

Build Time : Way. Too. Long.


* Loading Information *

Darkloader ready. Do not unzip -- Place in fan mission folder and

install using Darkloader 4.2 or later.


* Copyright Information *

These missions are copyright 2010 by Michael A. Cleveland

Distribution of these levels is allowed as long as they are free and

the package is kept intact. You may not include this level in any map

pack without my permission. No one may edit and re-distribute this

mission without my express permission.

These levels were not made and are not supported by Looking Glass

Studios, Eidos Interactive, or Ion Storm.