Mech Angelo

A Thief 2 Fan Mission

By Ricebug

Original release date: November 11, 2010

Re-release date: 5 November 2012

This version of Mech Angelo was re-worked for the New Dark engine, released in September 2012. It takes advantage of high-resolution textures, 32-bit lighting, EAX, and other upgrades.

Known Problems

You can actually enter the town (your final objective) if you don’t finish your objectives. However, the mission won’t end and you’ll get a nasty surprise.

When you walk across the reflective floor in the cathedral, you’ll hear Garrett make a jumping noise. This is a game engine bug. The model’s archetype is the catwalk, which does the same thing.

Quality Control

bob_doe_nz, Freddy Fox, Gloria Creep, Haplo, mabsy

nickie, Ravenhook, SirFreddieM, Undead Gamer

New Dark Compatibility

Nightwalker, Soldi, Voodoo47

German Translation



Daraan: High-resolution trees

jermi: Clouds, sky & moon

Jason Otto: Improved AI models, twisted torch model, cart texture, TDS buildings, rusted portcullis (used to make the cage walls).

LarryG: Window models

Sluggs: Trees & fences

Renzo “Eshaktaar” Thönen: Water textures; red armoire & dresser

Redleaf, Yametha, & Digital Nightfall: COSAS plaid bed, dining room chairs, ladders, & flare kit.

Wille: Distant art (Alps)

Nameless Voice: Sunlight Calculator

Rob Hicks: Shaman woman, sprites, tree man

Vigil: Cobwebs

Textures and various models: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (SSSE)

Crypt textures: DedX, Castle Wolfenstein

Sistine Chapel ceiling artwork taken from the Wikipedia web site.

Talisman Locking System


Technical Support

Freddy Fox, Haplo

AVIs made with Lightwave 3D, Adobe Premier, Paint Shop Pro, Acid Pro Audio.

Snidley Whiplash rights owned by Bullwinkle Studios

Garrett portrait courtesy Through the Looking Glass


This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.