Release Date: 12.24.06 Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Version: v1.0

All required custom scripts are already included in this archive.


A long lost underground temple and cave system, just after the events of Tomb Raider I.


Lara discovers a fragment of an ancient Greek manuscript which suggests that there is an extension to the area known as St. Francis’ Folly, inaccessible from the area she had previously visited and difficult to get into, but home to an artifact known as the Mask of Agamemnon. Mythical accounts claim that Agamemnon wore the mask during the Trojan wars, and its powers are what prevented him from being slain by an arrow. Whether it has any real powers or not, it would surely be an incredible addition to her collection, so she endeavors to find it. And some extra baubles and trinkets along the way would also be nice.

Difficulty Levels

Easy: Fewer enemies, more cash to spend and more equipment

Normal: Average numbers of enemies, less cash and less equipment

Hard: More enemies, and even less cash and equipment

Total Loot: 4945 Secrets: 5

All areas, secrets and loot are accessible/available on all difficulty levels.

Tips (no real spoilers)

There is little about this mission which is similar to most other Thief missions you have played.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


Huge Thanks to Gumdrop (Tim Murray) for the base of this mission

Most images and music:


Nightwalker, Freddy Fox, Moghedian, Dafyyd, TheNightTerror, SlipTip, and of course Gumdrop

Scripts (many things in this mission would be impossible without them):


Tomb Raider I

Flame and smoke bitmaps for torches and fire elementals by Nameless Voice


Blue monkeys from DEDx, ported from SS2 by Rob Hicks

Skin modified by Yandros

Burricks and Fire Elementals ported from Thief 1 by Gumdrop

Some Fire Elemental settings taken from Nameless Voice’s FM The Temple of the Tides

The very cool bone guard guys by Targa


Targa – The sword, and the base object for the new health bar

Tdbonko – The Mask (texture altered by Yandros)

Vigil & Yandros – iron gate

Yandros – Lara skin and arm mesh textures, new health bar, medikits

Gumdrop – New textures for levers, torches, lost city chests, vine railing, everything else


Ambient music & sound effects

Main ambient music – Paradise Lost by Lisa Gerrard

All other music and custom sounds from Tomb Raider I, ported by Gumdrop and Yandros


Some voices are actually Lara from Tomb Raider I

All others are Ryalla from Curse of the Carnival (Beta) by Alexandria Thomson

Ryalla voice modifications: Andrew Dagilis

By the way, there actually is an artifact called The Mask of Agamemnon (although it probably wasn’t really his).

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