Mission titel : M.S. Gold - Rust

File name :

Author : Ratzyy (3mdrin)

E-Mail :

Website : <>

Released : 01/28/2013

Game : Dark Project 2: The Metal Age

Version : 1.19 (newdark)

Languages : German / English

Alpha-/Betatester : Mayar



Quit pro Quo




Translation : zappenduster

: Tannar


She appeared again overnight. The proud ship of the Mechanists called M.S. Gold. For several years she was believed to be lost without a trace and now lies again in the waters of our town. This is the biggest talking point and they say that the ship's name has not been chosen without a reason. It would be helpful to grab some precious items from the vessel in order to get by for the next few weeks.


Maybe it was a mistake to enter the ship during this damnable weather. I've lost all of my equipment. Well, I'll look around a little bit - although I've got the feeling that I should hurry …


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