A Lovely Night

A Thief 2 FM by Caradavin

Spit & polish by Yandros

Release History:

Version 1 – 7/3/06


You were strolling along, enjoying the quiet peaceful night - and then you saw a fissure in the city wall. The fissure seemed to go on, and there was hint of light at its end. It turns out it leads to an inner garden - and you know this place from somewhere... Years ago, when you were just a rogue scoundrel, you attempted to lift a few things. You were caught, but instead of being sent to the Jail, you were beaten severely by the many guards and thrown into the alley. Hmm, looks like what goes around does come around...

All custom resources by Caradavin, except:

Footlocker skin, arbor, crystal goblets - Targa

Purple gem - Schwaa

Moneyboxes - Yandros

New ambient:

Steve Roach - "Wonderworld", from his CD Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces, Part 2: Labyrinth (excerpted by Yandros)

Testers - FreddyFox, Nightwalker, Peter Smith, Yandros

Build Time -

Caradavin: 3-4 months

Test: 2 weeks