Author : Andrea Aleotti – Milan, Italy

Contact Info : send a message on TTLG forums or visit Lord Alan’s homepage

Homepage :

Date of Release : 10 May 2007

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§ Forward §

Greetings, SlyFoxx here.

I've just returned from a long night's work and I've got to say my feet are sore.

I've stolen from gods, nobles, vagabonds and thieves.

I've travelled time, reversed the order, solved mysteries, fought the dead,

explored forbidden places, uncovered prophecy, loved and lost.

But I must say, none of that quite prepared me for what I experienced in Lord Alan's Factory.

Amidst the whirring machinery and the perilous heights of narrow catwalks,

I uncovered a story of one man's avarice and another's tragedy...

all set upon one of the grandest stages ever constructed for your amusement.

I'll go no further into the nature of the evening's events here.

I have had my time and now you will have your’s.

So dim the lights and lock your doors.

It's time to begin...

§ Story §

Basso delivered to me a letter hiring me for a new job.
An unknown person has asked me to sneak into ROENT,
best known as Lord Alan's Factory, and find a way to use a series of codes.
Apparently, it's industrial espionage.
It is strange that the message does not mention a reward.
I don't see the reason why I should sneak into that noisy factory for nothing.
Perhaps I'll wait to find the connection between these codes and Lord Alan's business,
then I will set my price.”

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§ Difficulty Level Info §

Tips – Thief – Timed

All the levels can be ghosted or played without limit to the style of play.

Tips :
You have Basso’s tips in your inventory and a series of useful clues in game.

This level is for the player who does not love challenging missions

as well as for the player that usually gets confused in big and complex maps.

Thief :

No special tips are available in the mission.

Take your time to achieve all the objectives.

This level is for the good and experienced player.

Timed :

You have to achieve your goals within a given hour.

If you prefer, you can buy some tips in the loadout screen.

This level is for the player that loves challenges.

Good for a second play.

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§ Playing Information §

Game : Thief 2

Mission Title : Lord Alan's Factory

Version : 1

File Name : miss21.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes

Equipment Store : Yes

Map : Yes

Auto Map : Yes

New Graphics : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

EAX Support: Yes

Multi-Language Support : Yes

(English, Français, Deutch; Italian version also included, look for

Briefing : Yes

Final movie : Yes

Size of the miss file : 35MB


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§ Acknowledgements §

Story consultancy :

Peter Smith

Text editing :

Peter Smith

Linda – Nightwalker


Garrett’s voice :

Scott Murchison – SlyFoxx

Betatesters :

Linda – Nightwalker

Peter Smith


Dave – ffox

Dusty – theBlackman

Gretchen – pavlovscat

Jason Hunt – mrsmr2

Ken Kooper

Mika – mol



Scott Murchison – SlyFoxx


Translators :

Heliocairo for Italian to English translation

Ramirez’s Old Fat Burrick (French)

Snowcap21 (German)


Cheap Thief Missions

TTLG forums

All the people that posted on TTLG forums for support on Dromed

Steven Glanville for Anim8or
Avalon for ThiefObjectiveWizard
Nameless Voice for 3ds to bin utility

BerneyBoy and unknown people for the base of the textures

MadBull34 for STR-Converter

Mark Russinovich for DebugView

Many thanks even to :

Corel suite



LGS for Thief and Dromed


Garrett, for his immense endurance and patience with me

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§ Construction §

Build Time : this project has been started on February 2005

Dromed time : 24:07:06:11 (1200 hours including other jobs)

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§ Loading Information §

Use Garrettloader or Darkloader

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§ Copyright Information §

Copyright © 2007

by Andrea Aleotti

The custom music used in this level is my creation and is copyrighted.

Permission is granted to freely play and distribute this level.

This level was not made and is not supported by

Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.