Lingering Whispers

by ScaryKitties

Release Date: 9/8/2011

Revision Date: 9/30/2012

Version: 1.0.2

Mission inspired by DarthsLair.

Please feel free to contact me with feedback, including constructive criticism. Pointing out the flaws is how I improve as a level designer.


Place .zip file in preferred directory for Darkloader to open. Do not unzip unless you wish to install manually. Darkloader 4.3 recommended. NVScript 1.2.2 and tnhScript 2.1 (included) are highly recommended for play.


Some time has passed since Garrett sabotaged Karras's plans to destroy all life. The loss of their leader and the revealed fanaticism of their faith have caused Mechanists to fall out of favor, allowing the Hammerite faith to rise again. As many Mechanists convert or flee, there are less people to maintain the many complicated security devices around the City. The existence of the Mechanists is being slowly wiped away in the ensuing chaos.

Garrett has been mostly keeping to himself after the incident at Soulforge, resting and so far living on the lucre acquired during his partnership with Viktoria. Now, his funds have once more run dry and he is forced to take to thieving again to support himself. It seems like all of Garrett's efforts to save the City from Constantine and Karras were ultimately pointless when he is again forced to scrounge for coins just to keep his landlord happy and his belly full.

During this needy time, a nobleman, Lord Rein von Krane, has contacted Garrett wishing to hire his expert services. It may not be a choice job, but it's a job.

Mission Info

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission : Lingering Whispers

File : miss20.mis

Difficulty Options: Normal, Hard, and Expert

Equipment Store : Full Store

Map/Automap : Yes/No

EAX Support : No

Briefing : Yes

New Graphics : Yes - custom textures, credits below

New Objects : Yes - credits below

New Sounds/Music : Yes/Yes - credits below

New Scripts : Yes - credits below

Multilingual : No

DEDX : Yes

Build Time : Approx. 500 hours or about 4 months


Testing/Advice : Ticky, DarthsLair, Yandros, PRJames

Textures/Skins : DEDX, ScaryKitties

Objects/Meshes : DEDX, LarryG (door), Yandros (door), Jason Otto (unarmed Mechanist)

Sounds : DEDX,

Voices : Thief 1 & 2 (Garrett & Viktoria), SlyFoxx (Garrett), ScaryKitties (Mask, Keeper, von Krane)

Music : Sephy, (Decisions & Rising)

Scripts : Nameless Voice (NVScript), Telliamed (tnhScript)

NOTE : I apologize for the poor quality of some voice work. I do not have a great microphone and some of its deficiencies may become particularly noticeable with headphones on.


tnhScript Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Tom N Harris <>

All Rights Reserved.

NVScript Copyright (c) 2011 Nameless Voice

Music/SoundFX used are royalty-free or given freely for use in Thief.