A Keeper of the Prophecies

Episode 2: Hallucinations

a Thief 2 fan mission by frobber

Halluc_v1e.zip – July 1, 2005


He was corrupted without his knowing

for he failed to perceive his danger.

But his folly was meant to be

and his journey would be no accident.

--From the Last Book of Amahus





Supported Features:



EAX (environmental sound)

Minimum System Requirements:

600 Mhz CPU

TNT graphics card (or equiv)

128 MB RAM

Thief 2 Patched to Version 1.18 (Required)

Recommended System Requirements:

1.0 GHz CPU or faster

Geforce 4 graphics card (equivalent or faster)

256 MB RAM or more

EAX compatible Sound Card (highly recommended)

Game Saves

For any mission, including the originals, Thief 2 might create a corrupted Quick Save file on very rare

occasions – so it’s wise to save every so often to a named slot in the ‘Save’ screen.


Voice Acting

LizannehAlisha, Little Girl

SlyFoxxGarrett, Franticius, Harroleous, Listus, Kevel

frobberKeeper Orlet, Crastus, Nobleman 2, Solustice, Pontis, Cog

KomagKeeper Calif

Broken ArtsAida, Medifney

MsLeddThe Missies

The ThiefTimitus

GooberVocal Effects

Design Elements

Shadowspawn – clocks, pocket watch, and other custom objects

Saturnine – "CamVator" invention (as first seen in the "7th Crystal")

Lizanneh – story editing

Laz – AVI 'movie' animations

Thorin Oakenshield – AVI 'movie' animations

SilentSleep – BlackOutBomb and 'CamVator' consulting

Schwaa – custom AI, objects, and textures

Thumper – custom script (cl.osm -- from the "Calendra's Legacy" design)

von.Eins – custom objects (from his release-pack into the public domain)

Daemonite – enhanced Thief 1 AI skins (from his public release-pack)

MsLedd – custom AI skin (Alisha)

Tomi – custom map base texture (from his public release-pack)

Goober – lots of suggestions

Play Testers







Peter Smith



Playing Information


Hallucinations is a "to-be-continued" mission. The next mission is called The Insurrection.


This is a timed mission. The clocks really do keep time. And if you run out of time, the mission will 'fail.'

On Normal you will have just over two hours (which should be plenty of time). On Hard, you'll have

95 minutes, and on Expert, just 65 minutes. The clock, however, stops running when you review the map

or open a scroll to read (in scroll-mode) -- so there is no time penalty when examining books and scrolls.

Reloading during conversations

Some AI are a bit long-winded, and if you happen to save during their speeches, things may not seem quite

right when you reload the mission. You may see gestures which do not match the speech – but nothing

more harmful than that.

"Rushing" the mission

After having played once, there is a good chance that you may not want to hear all the conversations again.

I understand this, and if you do run away before the AI finish talking, nothing terrible will happen.

However, some objectives may get skipped, and at least one "New Objective" may trigger long after you

have left the area. Also, there are a few cases where Garrett may not say things or listen to things at the

most sensible times.

Ways to Crash the Mission (as in crashing the game or your computer)

Hallucinations includes a very complicated set of terrain and I have spent months trying to simplify the

structure to prevent overloading disasters. I understand, however, that some people are quite imaginative

when it comes to breaking through barriers or climbing higher than I can support. So if you plan to struggle

your way to someplace which is obviously off-limits, I'd advise that you first save your mission.

Here are places that I have blocked (so that you are properly forewarned)...

An Easter Egg or two still in this new re-release of Hallucinations?

Yes, that is true – THERE ARE TWO EASTER EGGS (things that are cool, but not a sensible part of

the mission).

One egg has a slightly more sensible result than before. Originally, I managed to create a –boatload– of

confusion by returning the player to a spot which allowed exploration of the unfinished cathedral. More

than one player felt that accessing the cathedral was part of this mission and that somehow this extremely

odd method for reaching the cathedral area was just a pleasant shortcut – rather than what it was: a back-

stage look at things to come.

Except by unplanned and extreme methods, the cathedral area in Hallucinations can no longer be reached.

The next mission has now been released – The Insurrection. And this one has the whole cathedral built out

in final detail. So please no complaints that you can't get in there anymore in Hallucinations. You get there

in the next mission.

As to my clues now, they are only here inside this very text file – both to keep this from confusing people

when in-game, and also as a way to reward those willing to slog through all of this drivel.

Keep in mind that I am lousy at riddles – both writing them and solving them ...

Somebody will, no doubt, breeze through this like butter – so I expect spoilers to become available on the

various Thief forums. I will not give any more clues myself unless I have somehow managed to confuse


Please do not complain about how these eggs are "Soooooo inconsistent" with the rest of the story, because

they are –not intended– to be consistent. They are there as an extra bit of fun for those who might like to

attempt a wider range of playing styles than I had planned for this story.

General Information

Game: Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission Titles: Briefing and Hallucinations

Filename: halluc_v1e.zip – miss20.mis (mission), miss19.mis (CamVator briefing)

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Equipment store: No

Map / automap: Map

New objects: Yes

New textures: Yes

New sounds: Yes

Multi language support: No (only English)

Briefing : Movies and CamVator briefing mission


Subject to the copyright limitations specified on the game CD...

All original content of this fan mission is copyright (c) 2002-2005 by frobber, a.k.a., Ken Ramsley.

Hosting of this fan mission is allowed on any public or private network so long as distribution is at no extra

charge (beyond normal access to the network) and the zip file is kept intact and unmodified.

Re-distribution of an altered version of this mission including changes to any supporting files is not


Without my permission, an unaltered version of this fan mission may be included on a CD-release mission

pack, provided that this CD is sold for the cost of production and shipping only, or is a freebie given away

in some other form such as a magazine-published mission pack promo.


Any resemblance in the real world to places, events, or people found in this fan mission are entirely

unintended, purely coincidental, and a complete figment of your imagination.

This fan mission is not made by, nor supported by, Looking Glass Studios (RIP),

Eidos Interactive, or Ion Storm of Austin, TX.

Revision History

Halluc_v1a.zip – June 4, 2002, Initial Release

Halluc_v1c.zip – Oct 13, 2002, Minor Update

Halluc_v1d.zip – Aug 7, 2003, Revised Logo, Episode number, and this readme file

Halluc_v1e.zip – July 1, 2005, Updates in preparation to become part of the complete campaign release.


Post a message in one the following locations. Someone there will have an answer to most questions:

Fan Mission section of the TTLG forums


Eidos Thief Missions Forum


If are really stuck, you can write to me… frobber@edanet.com … and I’ll see if I can help.

(I also enjoy feedback, criticism, and any other sort of fan mail.)