A Keeper of the Prophecies

a Thief 2 campaign by frobber

Episode 5: The Other Side of Time

Episode 6: Reversing the Order

Episode 7: Moving Day

Episode 8: The Inheritance

Episode 9: Under the Raven Moon

Oracle_v1f.zip – July 17, 2005





It will be no secret that Garrett has returned to the great Hammerite cathedral, just as it is already no secret

that the Oracle has sent him here. And it may not remain a secret much longer how Garrett must act to save

himself – now that he has returned with the mysterious words of that Guardian still ringing in his ears.

The antidote lies in reversing the

order. And when you are successful,

then all will be as it should have been.

Once the destroyer has been destroyed

...the one who poisons you... and once

you have acted in accordance with your

own knowledge of the future,

then all will be restored.

Yet the truest meaning of these words may remain shrouded in darkness for a time – how Garrett has been

given a power greater than anything ever given before – a power to alter what should have been, and by his

own thoughts and actions, a power to challenge the very nature of destiny itself.

Supported Features:

Weather and fog

EAX (environmental sound)

Absolute Bare Minimum System Requirements:

600 Mhz CPU

TNT2 graphics card (or equivalent)

128 MB RAM

Thief 2 Patched to Version 1.18 (Required)

(The original version 1.07 may prevent some missions from winning)

Minimum Recommended System:

1.2 GHz CPU or faster

GeForce 4+ graphics card (equivalent or faster)

256 MB RAM or more

EAX compatible Sound Card (highly recommended)

Game Saves

For any mission, including the originals, Thief 2 might create a corrupted Quick Save file on very rare

occasions – so it’s wise to save every so often to a named slot in the ‘Save’ screen.

CREDITS for Episodes 5 through 9

Voice Acting

SlyFoxx Garrett, Franticius, Karras

Lizanneh – Alisha

Saturnine Cavador

Msledd Kevel’s wife

Design Elements

frobber – mapper, story-writer, overall slave-driver (and slave)

Shadowspawn – clocks and pocket watch objects

Lazarus – AVI briefings and cutscenes

Thorin Oakenshield – frobber logo AVI

von.Eins – custom objects

Purah – custom scripts and textures from the Calendra's series

David Gurrea Hernandez – custom textures

Telliamed custom scripts (see copyright.txt)

Ymochel – hats and AI models from The Ancient Crown

Saturnine – CamVator technology

SilentSleep – fade-up from black technology

R Soul – comments on how to name campaigns for Darkloader

Goober – comments and suggestions

Story Consultants

Freddy Fox

Gloria Creep

rastas (aka Anthony Walker)




Brad Pfouts

Play Testers

Freddy Fox








Gloria Creep



Silent Warrior

Dafydd ab Hugh




Peter Smith



Playing Information

Episodes 5 through 9 are the last parts of the series. This is really one long mission, and so I present them

here together. There will be no separate installments for these five missions.

Items can be carried over from Episode 5 to 6 and from Episode 7 to 8. Hoarding items found in Episodes 5

and 7 is not required – but it certainly won’t hurt your chances!

If you are not hearing the town clock chimes in Reversing the Order, there is a good chance that your

Thief 2 game installation has not been patched. To check for this…

Right-click on thief2.exe
Click 'properties'
Select the version tab
Click on Product Version

This should display a value of 1.18.

If not, then goto http://www.thief-thecircle.com/media/patches/

Even after you patch, some non-English versions of Thief 2 have been known to have no improvement – so

I added backup triggers to make ‘timed’ events happen in other ways. If you wander around and read

enough scrolls and books, the mission should work.

There is one scroll in The Other Side of Time that implies that you should come back later – so I suggest

finishing all other explorations before entering this room. Once you enter this room you will have about

five minutes before the mission ends.

The lighting may seem a tad bright. This is done for those machines that display the game too darkly.

If you usually run at maximum brightness, your game may not appear as realistic as I had planned. Use the

minus (-) and plus (+) keys to adjust your screen for a proper on-screen feeling.

Rain sounds may seem overwhelming depending on your sound card and whether or not you are using

EAX audio – don’t forget how Thief 2 has an audio adjustment for ambient sound volume.

Oddities and minor bugs that won’t be fixed

Do not save and reload when Garrett is attached to a CamVator. There are several CamVators in this

mission and in some cases he may stop at the end and stay attached for a while. If you save and reload, at

best, things may seem screwy; and at worst, you may break the mission so it can not be won. (For those not

sure of what I mean – “CamVator” is short for camera elevator, where your view is attached to an invisible

moving platform so the player’s viewpoint can be transported as though watching a movie).

Garrett also may be overhearing conversations. If you save and reload during these they may not restart and

play properly. The game will continue, but you may not hear useful clues if you don’t listen through the

first time.

In some missions all water may vanish due to overloading the game engine. The water is still there for

swimming and will show up again the next time the game is restarted from Windows.

In one case some AI may wake up from being knocked out and wander around harmlessly like ghosts.

This is either a bug or a feature – depending on how you want to see it!

It is also possible that the audio might crash in one of these missions. Only one computer has done this

for me – an old laptop. But if sound does crash, then save the game, exit and restart the game.

After two and a half hours the town clock will no long play chimes. After that point, the master event clock

runs out of time, although the clock hands will keep moving. In theory, the town timekeeper has been

bribed so people can sleep. In practice the game’s own internal master clock stops running.

Using Windows Media Player often prevents Thief movies from playing. If you have been running

Windows Media Player prior to playing Thief, you may need to re-boot your computer to fix this.

General Information

Game: Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission Title: KotP Series Finale

Filename: KotP5-9_v1e.zip / miss23.mis – miss27.mis

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Equipment store: Nothing for sale

Map / automap: Simple Maps

Fog: Yes/No

Weather: Yes/No

New graphics: Yes

New sounds: Yes

New objects: Yes

New AI: Yes

Terrain: Mostly built from scratch. Some stolen from Thief 1

Build time: About a year

Multi language support: English

CamVators: Yes, in several places

Movie AVIs: Yes

Revision History for Episodes 5 through 9

Release Version 1b – May 1, 2005 – initial release

Revised Version 1c – May 5, 2005 – updates to Episodes 6 and 8)

Revised Version 1d – May 8, 2005 – update to Ep 6 to support Thief 2 version 1.07.

Revised Version 1e – July 14, 2005 – fix spelling in some books; Alisha Ver 1 now stays ‘finished’

Revised Version 1f – July 20, 2005 – Prevent novices from waking up, fixed barrels.


Subject to the copyright limitations specified on the Thief 2 game CD...

All original content of this fan mission is copyright (c) 2000-2005 by frobber, a.k.a., Ken Ramsley.

Hosting of this fan mission is allowed on any public or private network so long as distribution is at no extra

charge (beyond normal access to the network) and the zip file is kept intact and unmodified. Re-distribution

of an altered version of this mission including changes to any supporting files is not permitted.

Without my permission, an unaltered version of this fan mission may be included on a CD/DVD-release

mission pack, provided that this CD is sold for the cost of production and shipping only, or is a freebie

given away in some other form such as a magazine-published mission pack promo.

See copyright.txt for Telliamed’s usage statement.


Any resemblance in the real world to events or people found in this fan mission are entirely unintended,

purely coincidental, and a complete figment of your imagination.

This fan mission is not made by nor supported by Looking Glass Studios (RIP), Eidos Interactive, or Ion

Storm of Austin, TX (RIP).


Post a message in one the following locations. Someone there will have an answer to most questions:

Fan Mission section of the Thief Underground Forums


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If are really stuck, you can write to me… frobber@edanet.com … and I’ll see if I can help.

(I also enjoy feedback, criticism, and any other sort of player mail.)