Author: AsyluM (Mark Smith)

Version: 1.0

Date of release: 11/05/04

Description: Sources have led you to believe that Lord Gellard, a noble renowned

for his vicious competitiveness, has gathered an exquisite collection of valuable

artifacts and rare gems in the enormous mansion on his sprawling estate in Hightowne.

You're in need of a big job right now to meet certain expenses, so the Gellard

Estate should fit the bill.

You've heard that Lord Gellard somehow manages to control portions of the city

leadership and aristocracy... getting proof of how he's doing this would give you

something you could use against him, or sell to one of his enemies. Supposedly,

Gellard even has a secret passage from his estate that comes out somewhere in

or near City Hall... finding it could prove very useful.

He is also reputed to have the best guards and security devices around... since he

has close ties to the Mechanists, he has a number of their security devices on the

grounds. Cleaning out the estate won't be easy, but then paying the rent never is...

* Play Information *

Mission Title: Heist Society

File name: miss25.mis

Difficulty Settings: yes

Equipment store: yes

Map / Automap: yes / yes

New graphics: yes

Multi language support: no

Briefing : no

This is my second FM. If you haven’t played my first, Hidden Agenda, give

it a try too. However, this is NOT a sequel, so doing so isn’t necessary.

Difficulty level info:

There are numerous differences between the difficulty levels:

- Numbers of AIs and their patrol routes

- Locations of keys and other important items

- Bonus objectives

Also, your starting location varies:

Normal - Just inside the servant’s back entrance

Hard - On the grounds, by the front entrance

Expert - On the grounds, in the graveyard

* Construction *

Base: Built from scratch

Build Time: About a year, off more than on

Completion Time (Gold phase): About eight months

BIG Thanks to:

Alpha / Beta Tester - RiCh

Beta Testers - Nightwalker, Peter Smith

Gold Development Team:

Story completion/refinement: Moghedian, SlyFoxx

Dromed work: Yandros, VladMidnight, Moghedian

Additional Testers:

Nightwalker, Morrgan, Peter Smith, Dafydd, FreddyFox

Custom Textures and Objects:

Balatro, GOB, AsyluM - Textures

Targa - Various custom objects

Eshaktaar – New flames

Yandros – New bookcase

Rob Hicks and the DedX team - DromEd Deluxe

New sounds:

Voice work – SlyFoxx, Cainam and Moghedian, prepared by Yandros

Music - Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Spring III

Thunder ambient 1 – from Gaetane’s FM The Korrigans

Thunder ambients 2 & 3 – Prepared by FreddyFox, taken from

If you spot your work in this mission and don't see your name in this list,

please contact Yandros and this file will be updated.

Additional Thanks To:

Epithumia - File hosting

Avalon - For creating the very useful TOW

Posters on TTLG TEG forum - For making DromEding somewhat easier :)

Yandros REALLY wants to thank:

Mark (AsyluM) for creating such a great mission and nearly finishing it for us.

Matt (VladMidnight) for so doggedly pursuing the completion of it.

Melissa (Moghedian) for her tremendous effort on reworking the story and texts.

The whole Gold team for all the hard work that went into getting this thing released.

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This level is Darkloader ready.

* Copyright *

This level is (c) by Mark Smith, 5th November 2004

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is

kept intact. You may not include this level to any map pack without my permission.

No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.