Hammerite Deathmatch

An FPS-Style FM for Thief 2

By Yandros

Release Date: 11/16/07

Version: 1.0

Website: http://www.wearytaffer.com

Mission Base: Circulation of Shadows (now abandoned as a T2 mission)

Build Time: 3 months starting from CoS Alpha 2

Language Support: English

Scripts: All necessary custom scripts are included

Mission Info

Mission 1: Last Man Standing

You are Garrett, and are turned loose in a Hammer compound with 8-12 other Hammers and Haunts. The objective is simple – kill or be killed! You have 10 lives, and your opponents have between 8 and 12 each (depending on difficulty). Each time anyone dies (either by you or another AI), they lose a life, and when those lives are all gone, that player is out of the game – this includes you, as Garrett! So your only objective is to outlast all the AI, killing as many as you can without losing all your lives in the process.

Mission 2: Deathmatch

You again play Garrett, and this time the first participant to achieve 25 kills is the winner. In order to win, you must achieve the kill goal before any of the AI do.

You can skip straight to Deathmatch by using the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End shortcut to end the first mission.

Cast of Characters

Black – appear on all difficulties, Blue – appear on Hard and Expert, Red – appear only on Expert

R Soul as a soldier

TheNightTerror as a soldier

Otto as a swordsman

Nightwalker as a priestess

SlyFoxx as a sergeant

John D. as a haunt

Nameless Voice as a haunt swordsman

Telliamed as a haunt sergeant

Moghedian as the Captain

SlipTip as the Haunt Lord

FreddyFox as the High Priest

Peter Smith as the Haunt General


Ok, this type of mission certainly isn’t for everyone, and I know some people will not like it. But a number of testers who said they don’t typically like killing missions and didn’t expect to like it actually enjoyed playing it, so I hope if you’re in that category that you at least give it a chance. It can actually be quite therapeutic after a long, stressful day! Plus there are lots of new toys to play with.

Important Play Info

Gameplay Differences – Please Read!

There are a number of things which are not typical of most other missions:

Spawnpoints & Colours


You have three new arrows:

You have three new thrown weapons, which you throw by frobbing from inventory:

There is an additional, quite powerful weapon in the game, but you have to find it.

Restocking Supplies

The “Control Room”

There is one room with access to numerous cameras placed throughout the rest of the level, allowing you to “spy” on your foes to see where they are.

With each monitor is one or more buttons which remotely trigger traps located in the area viewed by that camera.

Note that while viewing a camera monitor you may feel like you’re there, but you will continue to hear the sounds in the control room and not in the remote location.

Most importantly, take care not to linger in the control room – AI will spawn in and patrol into the room, and if you’re busy looking at the monitors, you’ll quickly find yourself dead.

Known Issues

One tester had numerous crashes playing Deathmatch on Expert, but rebooting his computer fixed the problem.


My utmost thanks go to Nameless Voice, without whose constant assistance, problem-solving and new scripts this mission would not have been possible.

This mission is dedicated to you, NV.

I would also like to thank:

Testers: R Soul, TheNightTerror, Ottoj55, Nightwalker, SlyFoxx, Nameless Voice, Moghedian, FreddyFox, SlipTip, Eshaktaar, Sluggs, and Peter Smith



Nameless Voice, Telliamed



David Guerrea, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Yandros

Music note graphic - http://www.sussexvt.k12.de.us/web/images/stories/Music%20Note_.jpg

Fun Button” icons - http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/3034255/2/istockphoto_3034255_warning_signs.jpg

Fireball icon - http://www.wpclipart.com/space/fireball.png

Main menu graphic features concept art by LGS from T1 (hammerites) and T3 (background), from The Circle


Eshaktaar – Improved LC Light

Nameless Voice – Numerous objects from the EP, Flame bitmaps, Chairs, blank light gem, fixed emergency light

R Soul – Roulette and game tables

Schwaa – Skeleton King

SlipTip – Spawn points

Sluggs - Bed

Targa – Da Hamma, compass, throwing knife, potions, Staff

Tdbonko - Book

Vigil – Light shaft

Yandros – Everything else

Music Selections

Nine Inch NailsConscience and The Life Beneath It All from the game Quake, mixed by Yandros

Antonio Vivaldi – “Summer I” from The Four Seasons

Carl Orff – “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana

Liquid Tension ExperimentAcid Rain, When The Water Breaks

Dream TheaterThe Dance Of Eternity

HaddawayWhat Is Love

Sounds & Voices

Two Hammer voices taken from Thief: Deadly Shadows

Haunt2 voice and schema from DEDx, by Rob Hicks

Two sounds (losing music and harp) taken from the game Monopoly Tycoon

Some of the skins, objects and voices are part of the Hammerite Mission Development Kit.