The Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger (Release 1.00)

Author: W. Scott Thune (Catman)

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Date of release: June 22, 2009

Gameplay Notes

The maps and journal provided by your employer contain helpful information for planning your night's work.

A loot list has been included in the Books folder.

Known Bugs

None at this point.

Bug Fixes

None at this point.


After the fall of the Mechanists, not all of their technologies were destroyed. Some nobles gathered and protected Mechanist scientists, including those connected with the Cetus Amicus project. Using those technologies, they have built the world's first steam ship, the Iron Butterfly. This ship provides the setting for the beginning of this story.

You are a master thief known as Nekosan. Like most professionals, you use whatever Mechanist technologies you can get your hands on. For example, you have had a set of special glasses fashioned which allow you to use scouting orbs as well as zoom in to observe your surroundings.

Story for Claw of the Tiger

You have been hired to steal the set of gemstones known as the Five Tigers. Each stone is held by a different noble family: Eye of the Tiger by the Walkers, Claw of the Tiger by the Evans, Heart of the Tiger by the James, Shadow of the Tiger by the Agees, and Soul of the Tiger by the Boles. Each family has the gem locked in a vault which cannot be picked, and the lords keep the only key with them at all times.

You made wax copies of the Walker, Evans, James, and Agee keys by boarding the HBS Iron Butterfly eight nights ago. With an exact duplicate of the Evans key in hand, you’re ready to steal the Claw of the Tiger.

Because of your actions on previous nights, Lord Boles has declared martial law, making passage through the city difficult, even during daylight hours. You have been smuggled into the South District as a prisoner of the City Watch. Your employer has devised a means for your escape, but you will need to find weapons and obtain useful equipment and information before you begin your search for the Claw.

And, of course, you should look for any opportunity to pick up a little extra loot along the way.

This is the third of a six-mission pack.

Special Thanks

The helpful betatesters: potterr, MrMunkeepants, Undead Gamer, Poesta, Hotlyx, flying_hope, Gloria Creep, ShadowSoul.

All the helpful folks at the TTLG forums.

Play Information

Game: Thief2

Mission Title: Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger

File name: miss22.mis

Difficulty Settings: Yes (normal, hard, expert -- loot requirements & enemies)

Equipment store: No

Map / automap: Yes / No

New graphics: Yes

New sounds: No

Briefing: No


Original Design by Catman

Build Time: Fifteen Months

Copyright (C) 2009 - W. Scott Thune

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact. You may not include this level in any map pack without my permission. No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.