Fables of the Penitent Thief


Authors : Marcus “Sliptip” Zuppinger, Daniel “Digital Nightfall” Todd

Contact Info : mazuppinger@gmail.com, detodd@gmail.com

Date of Release : November 8th 2010

NOTE: Back up your copy of dark.cfg

Dear Diary,

Boy, I am in a pickle for sure! I was caught red handed as the thief who nabbed the king's loot. Personally, I think my wife ratted me out! But rather than toss me in the dungeon where I belong, the King has asked me to return everything I've stolen. He thinks I know where it all is, but I have a nasty secret... I don't have a clue! But if I can track it all down and return it to the castle, I'll get a full pardon. Well I stole it all once, I can do it again. Time to get to work!


* Playing Information *

Game : Thief 2 TMA

Mission Title : Fables of the Penitent Thief

File Name : Miss20, Miss21

Difficulty Settings : No

Equipment Store : No

Map : Yes

Auto Map : No

New Graphics : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

Languages : English/German

EAX Support : No

Briefing(s) : No

* Construction *

Base : From Scratch

Build Time : A little over a year! (sort-of)


* Loading Information *

This mission will work fine with DarkLoader. Just place the zip file in your missions folder.


Special thanks to:

ImmortalThief for additional character skins

Ireth Kalt for the animal puzzle and menu artwork

Zappen for the German translation. Zappen translated well over 300 files!

Nameless Voice for his help in solving a very annoying-crash-to-desktop style bug, and for the NVRelayTrap without which none of this would have been possible.

Telliamed for his help in solving another very annoying bug, and for tnhscript which this mission relies on so heavily.

Yandros for the use of his site to host the testing

Many many thanks to: Antimatter_16, Haplo, Malau, nightchild, R_G, Saggital and SeventyFour for their support and feedback @TTLG. With their help I managed to sort out a number of random bugs in the first release. My admiration and gratitude for the people of the Thief community grows more and more by the day!


Beta 1: bob_doe_nz, PotatoGuy, pavlovscat, KittyKat, SneakyJack, Yandros, Nameless Voice, Anarchic Fox

Beta 2: Shimonhead, gnartsch, Supremcee, Gloria Creep, kabatta, Silent Warrior

Music Credits:

Artist: Asterion

Alle Psallite - Indoor music/shops

Ar C'helc'h Keltiek - Outdoor Music

Haunted Graveyard - Castle end

La Rotta - Captains music

Luna - Gardener's music

The Old Castle - Castle victory

Rapid River - Lord Redshine's music

Rashyn the Hamlet - Main title music

In Nomine Satanas - Wizard's music

Artist: Trompkins

Austankaldinn á oss blés - Craftsman's house music

Artist: Tim Follin

Ghouls & Ghosts (Alternate) - Castle main theme

Artitst: Anonymous

Clock Tower music


* Copyright Information *

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact. Feel free to include this mission in FM collection disks as long as they are not intended to generate profit.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.