Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria

Original Concept by William the Taffer

Completed by Yandros

A Halloween Fan Mission for Thief 2

Released: Nov 14 2008

Version: 1.00

This is the spiritual sequel to Will’s 2002 FM Deceptive Perception, which came in second place overall in Komag’s Contest 3.

In some ways it is a full-sized remake, but in other ways it is much, much more than that.


You've met your old friend Willick at the Rotting Carcass for a pint and some light discussion, when talk turns to your recent adventure trying to recover an artifact from the upper floor of an abandoned Mechanist warehouse that's supposedly haunted. You don't really want to relive that terrible night just for his entertainment, but he insists on hearing the story, so you throw back some beer and begin.

Known Bugs:

Occasionally, stange noises, usually haunt or zombie voices, start playing unexpectedly. True, this happens intentionally at times in this mission, but if the voices are “in your head” and keep following you around, it's a bug and you should reload unless you want to hear them for the rest of the mission.

Less frequently, an AI will have a long pause in a conversation. Usually they'll start again within 10 seconds or so, but if they seem to have stopped permanently, you may need to reload from your last save. There are many conversations in the mission and every once in a while something will just not work properly.


Original Concept: William the Taffer

Story & Design: William the Taffer & Yandros

Scripts: Nameless Voice, Telliamed, Gaylesaver

All scripts needed to play the mission are included.


Pre-Beta & Beta: SlyFoxx, Eshaktaar, SlipTip, Brethren

Beta: Peter Smith, Moghedian, ZylonBane, Nightwalker, Pavlovscat, Dafydd, Digital Nightfall

Yandros thanks all the testers, who made the mission much, much better.



Dark Arrow: Surgical equipment and bed, barstool

Eshaktaar: Water and wisp particles, gems, safe

Nameless Voice: Flame bitmaps, torches, braziers, table, scroll

Jason Otto: Runes & symbols, lockpicks

R Soul: Pipes

Schwaa: Temple lights, roundchest, doorframe

tdbonko: Training dummy

Vigil: Cobwebs, railings, light shafts, lamp textures

The Watcher: Pumpkins

Don Willadsen: Broken Rope

ZylonBane: Eggpod, crates, rope and a door

CoSaS (MissX): Keys

DEDx (Rob Hicks et al): Many

Others: William the Taffer & Yandros


Nameless Voice: Scarecrow

Lady Rowena: Widows

Others: William the Taffer & Yandros

Terrain Textures

DEDx (Rob Hicks et al): Many

Eshaktaar: Water (also used for a floor texture)

Others: William the Taffer & Yandros

Menu graphics: Yandros

Menu images taken from



Eshaktaar: Several sound effects from Broken Triad

A few voices and sound effects are from Thief: Deadly Shadows

Many sound effects in this mission are of unknown origin.


Scott “SlyFoxx” Murchison: Garrett, Barney & Dr. Lang

Liz “Lizanneh” Muirhead: Andariel (The White Lady)

Scott “Caped Pillager” Fisher: Willick

Rob “Random Taffer” Strain: Shadow Keepers

Darrell “William the Taffer” Wimsatt: Sir Peter, slayer of swampbeasts

Rachel “Cookiedough” Wimsatt: The girl

The voices of Andariel and the widows are taken from Lady Rowena's amazing FM, The Seventh Sister


Atrium Carceri: Machine Elves, A Place Called Home, Hidden Crimes, Incubation, Reborn

ShadowSneaker: Nowhere, Dreams of Dead Thoughts

Sephiroth: Wolftribes

Letum: Broken

Erroll Garner: Autumn Leaves (live), from Concert By The Sea

Yandros: Creepy Girl's song, White Lady's Theme, End Music

End Music contains a drum loop taken from RXQueen by Deftones

If you see your own work in this mission and it’s uncredited, please contact me (Yandros) and I’ll update this readme. I inherited the mission from Will and didn’t know the source of everything, so I attributed most of the resources which were unknown to him.

This mission is © 2008 by William The Taffer and Yandros.

It is not supported by Eidos or Looking Glass (R.I.P.) so don’t go crying to them if you have problems.

Should you need technical or gameplay assistance, search for a relevant thread at the TTLG Thief FM Forum:

See you on the other side!