Cryptic Realms

Black & White

Playing Information:

Game: Thief II - The Metal Age

Title: Cryptic Realms

Author: Csaba Szabo @ Sensut.

Language Support : English, Russian.

Version: 1.1



Released: 2012.


This mission uses custom motions by Shadowspawn.

Make sure that all of the mission files are installed properly!

Mission features:

Monochrome environment (except player’s blood, and some items and weapons).

New arrow types: Torch Lighter (replaces Fire arrows); and Holy Smoke (replaces Gas arrows).

5 types of magic scrolls.

Different amount of enemies per difficulty levels.

Different goals per difficulty levels.

Ending movie with credits.


- Thief II - The Metal Age 1.18;

- DarkLoader 4.3 or above;

This mission is compatible with all latest Thief II patches on August 2012.

(NV’s EP1, COK’s Sound Pack and the latest DDFix and WideScreen patch).

Custom scripts by:

Telliamed (tnhScript;

VKGaylesaver (script 1.2.0);

LGS’ T2 Gen (version 27 March, 2000.).

*The renamed modules are included and are installed automatically.


Base: from scratch.

Editor: Dromed 1.18 updated with DromEdToolkit 1.0 by Nameless Voice.

Programs used:

Corel PaintShop Pro X2 (graphics);

Sony SoundForge 7 (sounds);

Build Time: 1/2 year or so ...

English text editing by Nightwalker and Bernie.

Russian translation by Soldi.

Objects by

Shadowspawn, Saturnine, Jason Otto, Nameless Voice,

Pinkdot, Eshaktaar, Dark Arrow, R Soul, Schwaa, Yandros,

Rob Hicks, Sluggs, Christine, Elvis, William The Taffer, Nielsen 74,

Serious Sam” by Ricebug, COSAS, DeDx and me.

Additional textures by iD Software.

Additional ambient musics by

Lustmord, Nox Arcana,

Seppuku Paradigm, Inade, Quake II, Delerium.

Ending movie theme by SSQ.

Zombie sound schemas by Yandros and YcatX.


Special thanks to Tannar at Shalebridge Cradle Testing Forum.

Beta testers:


Gloria Creep







This FM is © by Sensut.

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package

is kept intact.

You may not include this level to any map pack without my permission.

No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by

Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.