Title : Cryptic Cravings

File Name : Cryptic Cravings.zip

Author : Anonymous

Contact info : I’ll Be Hanging Around the Forums

Date of release : March 15th 2006

Version : 1.0



Times are bad. Your face adorns every wall. Wherever you turn citizens stare, recalling

but not recognising... quite yet. It's time to move on. Just in the nick of time you escape

the clutches of the law and escape to a province new and unexplored. Travelling light

(just your faithful friend for company) you find slim pickings moving from town to town

sleeping rough. Fortunately you still have some connections even this far away from "real"

civilisation. A local contact has overheard a local band of cutpurses talking about a lost

crypt beneath the ruins of an old Hammerite church long abandoned by the Brotherhood.

Talk of unimagined riches brings a sardonic smile to your face but further research among

the town's records and local church archives reveals that there may be some truth to the

rumours. It appears that the crypt was sealed long ago by the Hammerites when a dreadful

tragedy beset the church. The Hammerites have tried to cover up its existence and all maps

of its location are long destroyed. However the local Thieves Guild is hot on the trail and has

located the ruins of the church and it is only a matter of time before they break into the crypt.

Time to slip into the shadows and steal a march on these country bumpkins.....


Play Information:

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Name : Cryptic Cravings

File name : miss20.mis, C7.gam

Difficulty Settings : Warrior, Cutpurse, Ghost

Equipment store : No

Map/Automap : No

New graphics : No

New sounds : No

New conversations : No

New models : No

EAX Support : No

Multi language support : Nein/ Non.

Briefing : Do you often suffer short term memory loss?

Objectives : See in-game.



Base : From scratch

Build Time : 8 aardvark years.

Map Size : See competition rules.


Loading Information:

Runs from Dark Loader. Leave the file ZIPPED - DO NOT UNZIP this file,

put put the whole "Cryptic Cravings.zip" file into your Thief 2 mission folder

then in Darkloader setup, point to this folder, and the mission should show

up in the Darkloader main screen.


Gameplay Tips:

1.The strange doughnuts on the crypts are magical seals. These have to be removed afore

they can be opened.

2. I know it's dark. It is meant to be! Look around at the start for a solution.

3. Resources are tight! Waste 'em and you may get stuck later on. You've been warned!

4. Save often! Once those haunts get alerted you have no chance!!

5. There are three difficulty levels. On Warrior you start with a sword, on Cutpurse a blackjack

and on Ghost (guess what) nada! So have I tested each difficulty level? No! Can you ghost

this mission? Dunno. Don't care! I play it on Cutpurse with my faithful friend and it is fun!!!



Thanks to everyone who helped create the Thief universe and keeps it alive today. You all

had a hand in creating this mission . Thanks especially to Komag for his tutorial (without

which this mission would not exist – so you can blame him!), to Yandros for hosting this

contest and to all those who answered my endless questions on the forums, you know who

you are…. Well actually you don’t at the moment do you. D’Oh!


Copyright Information:

This level is ©2006 by its author. Anyone who distributes this level without my permission

will be shot. I will hunt you down like a dog.

This level was not made by and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos