Christmas Present

Author : Naks & P Forth

Contact Info :

Homepage :

Date of Release : It should have been December 25th 2008, but you never know with Dromed,….

Version : 1.1

Title : Christmas Present



: It's Christmas Eve, but all is not well. The people of a

nearby village have had their christmas presents stolen,

and you have been hired by them to get their presents back.

Yes, this is completely different to what you normally do, but

hey, it's Christmas, so just for once it's time to give back,

rather than take.

It's time to play Santa Claus taffers,....oooohh yeah.


: Of course this FM is just a bit of fun,... so don't take the

story too seriously. Have fun and Merry Christmas.


* Playing Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Mission Title : Christmas Present

File Name : miss24.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes, but only to find more loot on expert

Equipment Store : No

Map/Automap : Blank

New Graphics : No

New Objects : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

Multi-Language Support : Yes English/ Italian

Briefing : No

Length : n/a

Size : n/a

Difficulty Level Info : Normal ,Hard, Expert

* Construction *

Base : from scratch

Build Time : you don’t want to know ,…

Known bugs : there are a few areas where sound doesn't work properly; frame rate will be a bit

low on older computers in outdoor areas because of particle effects and lights.

Problem with flame (flame will not damage the mage, preventing the Player to complete kill objective)fixed, thanks to Pavlovscat.


Special thanks to: Shadowspawn for custom motion data base.

Christine Schneider for custom objects: torte, sledge, snowman, and of course donuts. J

Nameless Voice for custom objects: NVCubicOven , NVCandlabrum.

Krenim for Italian translation.

People of TTLG and to all who host the missions.


* Loading Information *

Darkloader ready.

Do not unzip -- Place in fan mission folder and install using Darkloader.


* Copyright Information *

Copyright (c) a few days after December 25th 2008 by Naks & P Forth

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package

is kept intact. You may include this level in any map pack as long as this

copyright statement is distributed intact.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos