by the Three Anonymous Amigos

64 Cubed New Dark Contest

Version: Release 1.0

Release Date: April 29, 2013


This is an Undercover-style mission, where you are posing as a cook. You have a required objective not to blow your cover; in order to succeed at that objective, don’t be seen doing things that a cook wouldn’t be expected to do, or spotted in rooms where a cook ought not to be. There may be a bit of trial and error involved, so be patient and be prepared to reload, and most of all think about what you’re doing and whether or not you should do it in plain sight or wait for that guard to leave the area. Otherwise, you can walk around unhindered without having to be stealthy.


This mission includes graphic story content and may not be suitable for younger players.


I was approached by Shylock, a fence I often use, with a story about his father. It seems that a few weeks ago, a squad of the Baron’s Imperial Guard broke into his house in the middle of the night, dragged his father out of bed, arrested him and threw him into the Baron's Imperial Prison. No explanation was given and he's been denied any visitors.

Recently, when Shylock inquired about his father, he was told there was no such prisoner and never had been. Despite his continuous appeals, he's been unable to get any information from prison officials about the fate or whereabouts of his father. All he knows is that his father was kept in cell six, which he learned indirectly from someone who works at the prison.

Shylock wants me to get into the prison and find out what happened to his father. He offered me a small bag of gold for the assignment. It'll do little more than cover expenses but Shylock's a good fellow and a valuable resource... a reliable fence is hard to come by. Besides, it is a baronial prison, after all. I should be able to find something to make it worth my time.

The job presents some unique challenges, though. The prison is small but the Baron's guards are smarter and tougher than your everyday bulldog, so it looks like some creative subterfuge is in order. I've managed to "acquire" papers assigning me to the prison as a new assistant cook. Looks like it's time for a little undercover work.

Authors’ Comments and Known Issues



Nightwalker, Nickie, Random_Taffer, Tannar, Yandros


Due to time constraints, English only. After the contest, translations will likely be released.

Objects & AI

Christine – Food, dresser

Dave Guerrea – Bloodstains and numerous textures

Eshaktaar – The Sleeper, oil canteen, frying pan blackjack, victrola

Ottoj55 – Custom AI, curtains, rugs, chains, logs

LarryG – Every non-stock painting from his amazing NewArt collection, prison nunk

NamelessVoice – Enhancement Pack objects, cylinder used for records, pocketwatch

PinkDot – Books, bookcases, tables

Purgator – Imperial guards and bowmen

R Soul – Turbine, pipes

Rob Hicks and DedX team – Beer mug, sushi

Saturnine – Model ship

Schwaa – Pot belly stove

Sluggs – Glass display case, painting light

Targa – Ornate mirror, bottles, loot, crystal ball, rope crate, radiator

Tdbonko – Goblet, masks

Team CoSaS – Loot, tons of furniture, plants

Vigil – Crates, open crate, sea chest, footlocker

Tannar & Yandros – Player arm texture

Yandros – Imperial banner, warden painting, money boxes

Terrain Textures

Dave Guerrea, DrK, NecroBob, Purgator, Team Calendra, Vigil, Yandros

Music/Sound Effects

Eric Brosius – Thief: The Dark Project ambients

Raison d’Être – Without The Shedding There Is No Forgiveness

Random_Taffer - Warden’s Interrogation Recording with custom voices (see below) and sound effects from; Ghostly ambient compiled from Saturnine’s Rose Cottage, stock chain sounds, and Woman Crying

Saturnine – Ticking clock from Rose Cottage

Yandros – All ambient schemas (Thief 1 ambient sounds assembled into new loops)


MasterThief3 – Officer James Sherman, Revus

Random_Taffer – Kevel, Shylock’s Father, Prisoners (7, 8, 9), Interrogation Victims

SlyFoxx – Garrett

Yandros – Benny, Warden Quartermaine, various guards, Prisoners (3, 4, 5, 6), Repairman


Custom Scripts: Nameless Voice, Telliamed

All scripts needed to play the mission are included.

This mission is © 2013 by the Three Anonymous Amigos

It is not supported by Eidos or Looking Glass (R.I.P.) so don’t go crying to them if you have problems.

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