The Burrick’s Head Inn: Vintage Edition

Original Private Release: 11/05/04

Subsequent Public Release: 08/20/05

1. This is a re-release of v2.0, but everything is in an old-fashioned

sepia tone. The artwork and music have been changed accordingly

to suit the time period (early 20th Century).

2. The large Easter Egg area is gone. In its place is a very small one.

The way in has changed, so have fun finding it.

3. I adjusted some of the sound files to make the mission load faster

and waste less disk space.

New Music Credits:

Glenn Miller

Community Swing – Sleepy Time Gal – I Got Rhythm – Dipper Mouth Blues

Don’t Wake Up My Heart – Silhouetted In the Moonlight

Squirrel Nut Zippers –

Lover’s Lane

Vintage Edition ©2005 by Russ Robbins

Original ReadMe continues below:


Title The Burrick's Head Inn v2.0

Author Yandros (Russ Robbins)

Date of release Original Release – 01/25/03 (Contest 4 submission)

Version 2.0 Release – 05/17/03


Version 2.0 Changes

Expanded several areas, including the lobby, basement and penthouse.

Various bug fixes and tweaks (see below in spoilers section if you want

details). Lobby music can now be switched off for those who find it

annoying, and some music has been changed. Also made the level more

easily translatable by moving all object names to the objnames.str file.

Added a large (relatively speaking) easter egg and a few new AI.



As usual, the rent is due... but this time I also owe a few

shopkeepers for some equipment I had to buy on credit, so I'd

better go for a bigger haul than usual. There's a rustic little inn

I've hit a couple of times before called The Burrick's Head.

The decor is upscale, so there should be plenty of trinkets and

valuables lying about... not to mention what the guests bring

with them, which should be significant since the inn caters to

the nobility.

As an added bonus, the papers the other day mentioned a noble

lady staying there who had just inherited a fortune. Seems the

estate includes a gigantic sapphire called The Angel's Tear. I'm

sure it's safely tucked away somewhere, but if the opportunity

presents itself, I'll have to go for it. According to the news story

it's insured for 50,000 crowns, so it would mean I could take a

few years off thieving and actually enjoy life for a while. That

is, if Cutty can find a buyer for such a well-known valuable.

But then, that's never been much of a problem for him before...


Play Information:

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Name : The Burrick's Head Inn

File name : miss26.mis, bhi.gam

Difficulty Settings : Easy, Normal, Hard

Equipment store : No

Map/Automap : No/No (just a blank to prevent crashes)

New graphics : Yes (some from DEDx + 1 custom skin)

New sounds : Yes, alot of custom ambients and music

New conversations : No

New models : Yes (from DEDx)

EAX Support : Yes

Multi language support : No, English only

Briefing : You're reading it!



1. Find at least 3000/3500/4000 loot.

2. Find and steal The Angel's Tear. (Normal/Hard only)

3. Don't kill anyone. (Hard only)

4. Get out via the sewers.



Base : Scratch

Build Time : Many long hours

Map Size : 25 x 50 x 100


Loading Information:

Runs from Dark Loader. Leave the file ZIPPED - DO NOT UNZIP this

file, but put the whole "" file into whatever folder/directory

you want to on your hard drive, then in Darkloader setup, point to this

folder/directory, and the mission should show up in the Darkloader

main screen.


Known Problems:

For some reason, attaching to the rope can be tricky. I have had the

best success by looking up and holding the up button (to start climbing)

while jumping onto it. I guess if you have your setting to attach

by walking instead of jumping you might not have this problem.

v2.0: This has been improved significantly by making the balconies

wider and moving the rope further out from the wall.

I highly recommend NOT jumping off the rope onto the lower penthouse

balcony. I've taken measures to try to prevent it from being possible,

but if you manage to make it there you'll probably be stuck since the

door doesn't open and you can't jump over the railing once you're on

the balcony.

v2.0: Feel free to do this if you want; the door is still locked, but the

balconies are all climbable if you want to run the risk of falling.


Music Credits:

Environmental ambients:

Giles Reaves – Sowelu (Wholeness) [most of the mission]

Steve Roach – Deadwood [Basement]

Brian Eno – The Lost Day [Easter Egg]

Incidental music:

Mussorgsky (trans. Ravel) – Pictures At An Exhibition, IV: The Old Castle

Patrick O’Hearn – Farewell

Victrola music:

The Pogues – Sit Down By The Fire [Basement Quarters]

Corelli – Christmas Concerto I [Lobby]

Beethoven (trans. Stokowski) – Moonlight Sonata I [Room 2]

Dvorak – Dumka (Slavonic Dance Op.72 No.2) [Room 3]

Mozart – Requiem: Lacrymosa [Room 4]

Wagner – Siegfried’s Funeral March, from Götterdammerung [Room 5]

Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite, II: The Death Of Ase [Penthouse]


Hearty thanks go to:

Testers for v2.0: Nightwalker, GlennItaliano

The many helpful folks who found bugs or gave advice on how to fix them:

Hit Deity, Bumbleson, jono456, ZylonBane, sap’em, Caradavin, plenty of others.


DEDx Credits:

Thank you Rob Hicks for collecting and releasing it!


Dhin - BricksX, BrownBricksX, ChapelX, FloorDesignsX, GreyBricksX,

GreyStoneX, HallsX, CrackedConcreteX

Rob Hicks - MasonryX, WoodX

SS2 - HiTechX

T1G - NewMageX


Daemonite - FemServ5X, FemServ6X, ThiefUnarmed2X

Ernie - WallLamp2X

Nameless Voice - SausagesX, CabbageX, ClawTableX, LightOrbX,

WallLamp3X, ScissorsX, HanoiTowersX, LocketX, RoundCheeseX

Rob Hicks - BarkeepX, ShieldBaffordX, BeerMugX

Schwaa - TrashCanOpenX, SinkX, ShieldBaffordX, BlueGemX, ToiletX

T1G - SecretDoor3.5x7X, SunButtonX, MageDoorX

T2 - MoselyX, CashBoxX, BramGuard3X

Von Eins - Globe1X, Railing6X, RailPostX, CorkedFlaskX



Fixes & Changes for v2.0

Many areas have been expanded now that the contest and its space

restrictions are over – notably, the basement, lobby, courtyard and

penthouse. Basement expansion includes preventing the player from

either knocking out Ravik or following him into the sewer area


Made the music purely classical (well, technically most of it is from

the Romantic period), with the exception of the two ambient loops and

Geoff’s ethnic record. Added incidental music while reading, a BIG

thanks to Gumdrop for showing me how (in Thief Noir)!

The music in the lobby now comes from a speaker on the wall which can

be turned off with a wall switch by the bar.

Fixed penthouse balcony door problem. Thanks Hit Deity!

Hopefully made the rope appear more reliably. By expanding all the

balconies, the rope is now much easier to attach to. Thanks to

Bumbleson for suggesting this.


Designer's Note

The final battle's (you'll know it when you get there) combatants

have been tweaked so that they each have as close to a 50/50 chance

of winning the fight as possible. This is my attempt at adding a

small degree of randomness to the mission as well as enhance the

replayability a little bit. I don't know if the battle's outcome

will really affect how you finish playing out the mission, but at

least maybe it makes it a little more interesting.

Adjustment for v2.0:

The balance has been shifted so that one of the parties wins most of the

time. I need her alive and well so she can appear in future FM’s. J


Copyright Information

This level is ©2003 by Russ Robbins.

This level was not made by and is not supported by Looking Glass

Studios or Eidos Interactive.