Game: Thief II - The Metal Age 1.18

Title: The beginning of era Karath-Din

Multi-language support: English

Author: Zmey

Contact: aweryar@mail.ru

Release date: 22.09. 2010.


Mission about Karath-Din town ancient times, a story take place not far from Va-Tarak possessions, at neighbor De-Shiver district, governable by local flamy Lord Marionel, who controls his mages actions. You are newcomer thief center of Karath-Din town. You need to find out about farther Lord Marionel’s plans, whether he is up to something against Lord Va-Tarak. You were sent as a spy by town keepers and if you find out something, you will be paid well. This is Your chance to pay the debts. Local people say, that local lord got a lot of treasures.

Don’t swint with your weapons about the town, guards will attack you. Don’t forget to take lantern or torch, at the town beginning there’s no people or light, this place is temporary under quarantine.

Find a way to get into four gods mage tower. Find some evidence about

Lord Marionel’s plans.

To get into four gods mage tower you have to find four keys from four sanctums to gods in this region. One of the keys is probably in Marionels citadel.

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Special thanks to Clearing for testing and helping to create mission.


This level was made by
Looking Glass Studios и Eidos Interactive

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