Bad Hangover

A mission for the Thief 2 Reloaded2 contest

Author: Brethren

Release date: April 15, 2012

Updated to version 1.01


You went out drinking with Basso last night, and now you awake with a crushing headache. Must have been that special reserve ale he couldn't stop talking about. Man, this is going to be a bad day.

Warnings & Known Bugs:

There are many places in this level where you can escape the playable area. I didn't have time to block them all off, so explore at your own risk, and save often. There are plenty of areas to legitimately rope up to, but as a general rule don't go on top of or over buildings if you don't want to risk wrecking the mission.

At one point in the mission, you'll need to rescue Basso (original, I know). Do this last after everything else is completed. You'll also get an in-game warning of sorts which mentions this. Backtracking within the level after rescuing Basso can lead to crashes, of which I haven't been able to figure out a solution to yet.

The zombies do strange things - they may float, move around after you "kill" them, smack you without making a sound, or other bizarre things. Don't get too freaked out by this, it's normal (for zombies that is).

There are objects in the mission placed by the original author that may appear as if you can rope up to them. I didn't want to remove them for aesthetic purposes. Keep your roping to the standard Thief 2 wood surfaces.

Many lifelong Thief fans and regular FM players will automatically choose the "Expert" level of difficulty - use caution when doing this. ;)

Sometimes the lighting flashes do strange things, but not often

The sound can be inconsistent and odd in some areas.

Big thanks go out to...

Child of Karras - for making it all possible with this great conversion from TDS.

Looking Glass Studios for creating the Thief games, and TTLG (specifically the Editing and Fan Mission forums) for keeping them alive.

My fantastic team of beta testers: nickie, Sgt. Pinback, darthsLair, redface, Gloria Creep, ffox, bassmanret, & Shaz. You guys rock, I never would have finished this level without you.

Special mention to darthsLair, who went above & beyond the call of duty. He helped me add & fix many things for this mission (see credits below), and was always offering to do more.

R Soul, who helped me directly and indirectly many times through TTLG, whether he realized it or not.

Tanner & Dussander and everyone else involved at the Shalebridge Cradle testing forums.

Thanks to AMC's The Walking Dead for providing me with inspiration to create this level. Great show.

Bad Hangover credits:

Southquarter/Stonemarket/Terces Courtyard/Docks levels from Thief Deadly Shadows ported to Thief 2 by Child of Karras.

New zombie skins by Bronze Griffin, Jason Otto, metal dawn, DarkMax, and Rob Hicks.

Ship multibrush courtesy of intruder (from his campaign: Keeper Investigations - mission 3, At The Wrong Party).

Thief Deadly Shadows zombie voices property of Eidos, ported into Thief 2 by Yandros.

Thunder/lightning effects by darthsLair.

Title screen modifications by redface.

Ship2 texture family created by Vigil (Alun David Bestor).

Bucket model by Von Eins.

In-game maps by darthsLair.

Water textures by Eshaktaar.

Hermit/Raoul skin from Thief Gold ported into Thief 2 by Jason Otto.

New ledgers by darthsLair.

Board prying sounds courtesy of MaximusDragonus at, tracked down by darthsLair.

Playing Information:

Title : Bad Hangover

Filename :

Author : Brethren

Version : 1.0

* Playing Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Name : Bad Hangover

File Name : miss20.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes, based on # of AI

Equipment Store : No

Map/Automap : Yes/No

New Graphics : Yes

New Objects : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

EAX Support : Yes

Multi-Language Support : No

TDSCity319 Original credits:

Author: Johannes "Child Of Karras" Berthold

Textures: Thief DS (John P.), CG Textures, Child Of Karras

Objects: Thief DS

Music: Thief DS (Eric Brosius)


Targa (fat guards, servants), CoSaS (new nobles), Paweuek (new servant skins), John P (guard skins, converted by Child of Karras), tdbonko (hipoly guards).

Title : The TDS City Project

Filename :

Author : Child Of Karras

Version : Build 319

* Playing Information *

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Name : The TDS City Project Beta

File Name : miss20.mis

Difficulty Settings : None

Equipment Store : No

Map/Automap : Yes/No

New Graphics : Yes

New Objects : Yes

New Sounds : Yes

EAX Support : Yes

Multi-Language Support : Yes (EN/DE)

This level was not made and is not supporting by Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive, or Ion Storm.