What would have become some Thief 2 Gold missions.

T2G-College.zip - A small mission set in a college, which would have been an undercover-like mission where Garrett could roam freely about most of the building.
T2G-Museum.zip - A museum mission, and all I know about it is that the name was to be Culture Break.
T2G-Slums.zip - Maybe the farthest along of the T2G missions, this slums-based mission was to feature Garrett trying to go about his business while dealing with the city watch battling it out with thugs. It was to be the first of the T2G missions, possibly set after Shipping & Receiving.
T2G-Framed.zip - Yes, Framed. This is a modified version of the mission which was to be included in T2G. I don't have a list of changes; all I know is that it has some visual polish.
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