A Smuggler's Request

Vital statistics
Game: Thief 2 (missions for this game)
Author: Richard Cull (RiCh) (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2001.01.16
Size: 4.6MB (4824581 bytes)
Languages: English
Walkthrough: Yes
Hints: Yes
Lootlist: Yes
Discussion: Forum (TTLG, Eng) - Forum (, Ger)

Relevant news items
2004.11.15 - Updated. Added some useful documents for one of the best classic missions: a lootlist by Nightwalker, ThiefKiller and ffox and a walkthrough by Nightwalker and ThiefKiller.

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9.0The Keep of Metal and Gold
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A capsule review:

An excellent mission. Very large and mostly very detailed, with some great scenes and plenty of sneaking. The atmosphere is great and the architecture is pretty good. There of variety and several good "sneak puzzles" where you have to think about how to get past various cameras or guards.

The plot is adequate, mainly a motivation to lead you around through the tasks at hand. Those are mainly "find the item" hunts, but the journey is the point here,

The back half of the mission, unfortunately, loses some of the gloss. It mainly seems big and too empty. But that's a minor fault. Other minor faults include a couple of bodies which really should be labelled but aren't, and a misleading clue for a riddle which you must solve. (For the purposes of this riddle, an iron beast doesn't count as a mechanical device.)

I played on expert; this is extremely difficult because of a "don't blackjack police" requirement. I would recommend that players without a lot of patience play at hard difficulty.

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