Greyfeather Gems - Part 2: Rodamill

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Game: Thief 2 (missions for this game)
Author: Maria Ström (Morrgan) (homepage) (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2005.08.21
Size: 14.9MB (15637714 bytes)
Languages: English
Screenshots: Yes
Lootlist: Yes
Discussion: Forum (TTLG, Eng) - Forum (, Ger)

Relevant news items
2009.04.10 - Updated. Added a lootlist by Anders "jiansonz" Johansson.
2005.08.21 - Added to archive.

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A capsule review:

A truly excellent mission, Rodamill certainly earns its spot in the top eschelon of Thief 2 FMs. It maintains a creepy atmosphere throughout and most sections are lovingly detailed. Loot placement is great; nothing is really out of place, and the loot that is there fits with the atmosphere.

The only complaint I have is that I was mildly let down by the final section of the mission. That style just doesn't work for me, but I can't describe quite why without getting into spoiler terrirory.

Certainly a mission that everyone should play.

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