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Latest Releases

Geared Lever - NEW Round Top Chest - NEW CoatRack - NEW Animated LightStreaks - NEW

Switch 01 - NEW Temple Hanging Lamp - NEW Temple Window - NEW Trophy/Urn/Whatever - NEW

Pillars Smoke Stacks - NEW Foot Locker 01 - NEW Mechanist Foot Locker - NEW

Temple Pillars Pine Tree I Beams - NEW Jewel Box - NEW

Old Stlye Sink/ Toilet - NEW Skully Bros - UPDATED and NEW Fire and Smoke Particles - NEW Compass - NEW to you

Repaintable Paintings - NEW Posters - NEW Staff Of Ra - NEW Shield/Swords Decoration - NEW

Skull Candles - NEW Ship Window - NEW Ahnk - NEW

Keg - NEW S_OmishLamp - NEW Lava-SkelArms - NEW T2Object Upgrades, Ver1.1 - NEW


LizardMan - updated Skully Bros - updated Fish - updated Trickster

DemonWings Dragonfly Hermit ThiefPack

Cobra Man Small Fish


Skull - updated HornedSkull1 - NEW


Anvil Crowbar - updated Grappling Hook Gears - updated

Skully Health Shield Rowboat - updated TrainWheel Swamp Cooler


Garlic Cloves - updated


Bunks Potbelly - updated Bathroom Objects - updated Computer

Trash Can - updated Screenwall - updated Ceramic Pots - updated Crystal Ball - updated

Dragon Statues - updated Sliding Banner Roman Numerals - updated 8x8 Wooden Doorway


Dart Board Set - updated Lute - updated Books QuillSet - updated

Perfume Bottle - updated


Crom's Torch - updated Torch - NEW Candle Lantern - updated/NEW Candle Flame

Oil Lamp - updated SquareLantern Bronze Spot Lamp, Bronze Wall Lamp - updated Dragon Claw torch

Double Candle Stick, secret lever - updated


King's Crown - updated Oro Trinity - updated Felt Crowns - updated Gems - updated


Grappling Hook Arrow


Crom's Blade and Player's Hand - updated SkullyArms Shield Ice Crystal


Pine Trees, Wicked Tree - updated Mushrooms - updated

All objects are intellectual property of Jeff Knez and the Studio of Schwaa.
They may be used and distributed for free with Thief Fan Missions. Any other uses require permission from the artist.

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