In the bedroom West of the entrance, under the desk and just left of the chair, Silver Nugget (50)

Next, on to the pantry there is 3 gold plates, and 2 fine wines (250)

***spoiler*** Also in the pantry is the Box Bashers Delight, weighing in at (800) Loot

On past that pesky servant on the thief proof floor, to the dining room.  The servant is working late because she was up setting a table for nine people!  Nine purple goblets and nine decorative plates, for a total of (225)

Be sure to check out the alcove on the western side, for three gold goblets, and two more fine wine (175)

Out the door, and two blackjacks later, enter the lounge through the north eastern double doors.  Club the guard and help yourself to three gold goblets, three purple goblets and two more fine wines (220)



Time to jump through to the basement.  Take a sharp right and through the door.  Silly people left another (50) sitting out on the table.  Now what the heck kind of soldier just leaves his money around like that?

Now for a snack, so on to the chow hall.  Head south, watch for ugly guards, and head through the door in front of you.  NO GRUB!  But there is a bag of spice on the floor in the far corner.  (40)

Still hungry, so into the food stores just NorthWest of the chow hall.  Lot of food, but no cash.  Those veggies look a little too well placed though, strange.

A quick dash down the hallway, or cut through the bathroom and into the office.  A little light reading, and THEN!  There in the corner by the right hand desk, ah, just a two-bit, good for nothing coin.  Hey, think of Susie and toss it in. (20)

Pop your head back out the door, and wait for the orc with a key.  Grab it, and head west and then south and enter the dungeon.  Have your wikkid fun with the big guy (and yes, blackjacks work) and then check the dungeon doors.  Locked, locked, locked, whoops!  Open.  Well now, some poor bugger got out, but forgot his glasses (50) in the bed.  That fact probably didn’t help him dodge the arrows from that archer…. Hmmmmmmmmm.


Ok, bail out of the basement, then hang a right to the elevator.  Now the second floor.

Check for guards, and head all the way down the hallway. 


Alright, six doors a torch and an ugly green guy coming at you.  Dodge into the southern door, and shut it quietly.  While your waiting for the guard to pass, check out that chest.  (The Crown of Carmenta: 800 loot, a  two-bit:  20.  But a Historical Pun….. priceless)  (0)

Right, that last joke deserves a kick in the burricks, but we will forget that for now and head across the hall and through the next door.  Awwwww, the Good Sir E. John has a pet wisp.  Grab the glasses from the table (50), and use them to check out that cute little bugger.  Wha…. A wisp egg, THIS will sell for a bit. (100)  THIEF FACTOID:  A wisp creates an egg twice its own body size.  And you thought human births were painful.

Cut through the bathroom, dodge that ugly guy again, wonder briefly WHY somebody would put decals of hooded people in the shower, and then into the other bedroom.  There it is, a few more stacks of coins and that should about do it.  (62)


Now, take a sit down on that bed and think about where some more loot might be.  Remember when you were a little tike?  You always hid your Playhammers from you mom in the one place she would NEVER look, UNDER THE BED!  Take a knee, swing your arm under, and grab that last bit of cash.  And sweet it is, (350)


And that would be all 2442 of it.  Now you may be saying to yourself, “Self, I could have sworn a while ago the total loot said 2507 when I started, and that time I died after I got the crown it said 3307.  And NOW it says 2992.”  And while you wonder what is going on, I will be getting some Raid.  And the lesson is, make a loot list BEFORE releasing the mission.  You just might find a bug.