The Phoenix Hath Risen Loot list for "Master Difficulty"

Street Loot

1. Merchant, on belt-----------------------100 Loot purse Sub Total Loot---------------------100

2. Guard in Station-------------------------100 Loot purse Sub Total Loot---------------------200

Temple Loot

1.Temple, front entrance-----------------75 Loot Hammer Sub Total Loot----------------------275

Priest Quarters West

(restricted red hammer)

( Locks Pickable only)

1.West of the stairs ------------------------100 Loot Coin Sub Total Loot----------------------375

2.Down the Hallway-----------------------100 Loot Coin Sub Total Loot----------------------475

Priest Quarters East

(restricted red hammer)

(Locks Pickable only)

1.East of the Stairs--------------------------100 Loot Coin Sub Total Loot---------------------575

a. Same Room-----------------------------100 Loot Purse(in foot locker) Sub Total Loot--------------------675

2. Down the Hallway------------------------ 50 Loot Fine Wine Sub Total Loot--------------------725

a. ----------------------- 100 Loot Coin Sub Total Loot-------------------825

3. Down the Hallway 100 Loot Coin Sub Total Loot------------------925

High Priest Quarters

1. In Foot Locker------------------------------100 Loot Gem Sub Total Loot------------------1025

2. On table-----------------------------------------75 Loot Hammer Sub Total Loot------------------1100


Constantine's Temple

(Caverns and Tunnels)

1. Patrolling Guard--------------------------100 Loot Purse Sub Total Loot------------------1200

2. In Prisoner Pit------------------------------100 Loot Gold Nugget Sub Total Loot------------------1300

Upper Mage Assistants Area

1.Behind small Astro Banner 50 Loot Silver Nugget (Thief and Master difficulty only) Sub Total Loot-----------------1350

2.Behind small potted plant (wall) 20 Loot LC_Jar Sub Total Loot-----------------1370

3.On Table 550 Loot Golden Skull Sub Total Loot-----------------1920

4.In Shelf in Wall 100 Loot LC_Jar Sub Total Loot-----------------2020

Lower Arch Mage Quarters

(Adjacent to Sword Room)

1.At Fire Place 200 Loot FirePoker Sub Total Loot-----------------2220

a. On Fire Place Mantle 20 Loot Urn Sub Total Loot-----------------2240

2.On Fire Place Mantle 20 Loot LC_Jar Sub Total Loot-----------------2260

3.In Treasure Chest 100 Loot Gem Ring Sub Total Loot-----------------2360

4.In Fire Room,Fire Place 200 Loot Fire Poker Sub Total Loot----------------2560

Prisoner Release Control Room

1. In Treasure Chest 100 Loot Gold Nugget Sub Total Loot----------------2660


Temple Lower Crypts

5 urns 500 Loot Sub Total Loot---------------3160

Temple Outside Crypts

4 urns 400 Loot Sub Total Loot--------------3560

The Baron's Bank

My Purse, under counter 100 Loot Sub Total Loot--------------3660

On top of Counter 5 Loot (copper stack) Sub Total Loot---------------3665

Lost and Found Purse(under counter)100 Loot Sub Total Loot---------------3765

East Vault 2290 Loot Sub Total Loot--------------6055

West Vault 2010 Loot Grand Total Loot----------8065