Forgotten Forest Pt.1

Lootlist by ShadowWolf

Area Loot Item Qty xValue Total
Pagan's House Coins on Windowsill 3x5= 15
Rock by Outhouse Purse (w/ Key) 1x350= 350
Barn Coins on Beam 3x5= 15
Barn - right ledge of hole in wall Gold Coins 1x5= 5
Overhead Beams Gold Coins 1x5= 5
Old Torture Room Blue Diamond 1x100= 100
House - Bedroom Green Vase 1x50= 50
FirePlace Rt. Ledge Gold Coins 3x5= 15
(secret) Blue Diamond 1x100= 100
(secret) Necklace 1x200= 200
Lockbox on Shelves Tiara 1x200= 200
Upstairs Room on Left Candlestick 1x50= 50
Basement Winecellar Gold Bottles 2x50= 100
Sewers under Basement Gold Coins 4x5= 20
..... ..... Total So far: 1220
Left Passage Facing Horn
Not far from the entrance Gold Coins 3x5= 15
(same as above) Blue Gem 1x15= 15
1st Tomb on Left Black & Gold Vases 5x20= 100
(same as above) LC Carpet 1x150= 150
1st Tomb on Right Blue Gem 1x15= 15
(same as above) Statuettes 2x15= 30
2nd Tomb on Left Candlesticks 2x50= 100
2nd Tomb on Right Jewelled Goblets 3x15= 45
(same as above) Glass Goblet 1x100= 100
In Area by Abbey Door Black & Gold Vases 4x20= 80
Abbey Altar on Left Side Ring on ground 1x100= 100
Abbey Sewers Crown 1x125= 125
Abbey Sewers Ring 1x100= 100
Chapel side room Serpentile Torc 1x350= 350
Main Chapel Jewelled Swords 2x100= 200
Main Chapel Purse 1x100= 100
Main Chapel Candlesticks 2x50= 100
.... ... Total So Far: 2945
Right Passage in Horn Room
Golden Skull Room Crown 1x125= 125
(same as above) Blue Gem 3x15= 45
(same as above) Gold Nugget 1x100= 100
Next Room Jewelled Sword 1x100= 100
Corridor with Skeletons Jewelled Swords 2x100= 200
Room with Tombstone Gold Coin in small opening 1x5= 5
Next Room Purse on Haunt 1x100= 100
(same as above) Ring on Bro. Martin's sarcophargus 1x100= 100
(same as above) Lg. Black & gold Vase 1x20= 20
Novice Room Blue Diamond 1x100= 100
(same as above) Serpentile Torc 1x350= 350
(same as above) Lg. Black Vase 1x20= 20
(same as above) Crown 1x125= 125
... .. Total So Far: 4335
Antechamber to Sword Room Crystal Shard 1x25 25
(same as above) Blue Diamonds 2x100= 200
Sword Room Gold Coins 3x5= 15
(same as above) Green Vases 2x20= 40
(secret room w/ spider) Gold Coin 1x5= 5
(same as above) Purse 1x100= 100
(same as above) Masks on wall 2x100= 200
Area by Constance (downstairs) Gold Nugget 1x100= 100
(same as above) Gold Coptic Jar 1x75= 75
(same as above) Gold Coin 1x5= 5
Next Room Crystal Shard 1x25= 25
Room after Crystal Shard 1x25= 25
.... ... Total Loot: 5150/5150