A Thief's Holiday 2004 - Cheat Sheet (Spoilers)

General Gameplay Hints

Generally, you use many objects in the mission as “tools”, that is, you use them on other objects.
For example, to light the fire, you should find the matchbox and then frob the fireplace log with it.

On Expert, you'll want to find the rope arrow as soon as possible to make getting into the rafters and up
on the roof easier (although the mission can be completed on Expert without the rope arrow!)

Rope arrow location: Stuck on the pantry wall in the kitchen, to the left of the fireplace.
To get to it, go up the ladder, walk to the edge, look down and grab it.

Cheats Table

This table gives the location of key items for each difficulty. Highlight a cell to reveal the spoiler.

Normal Hard Expert
Front Door Key Window sill by front door Inside grandfather clock
in living room
In rafters, far NE corner to the
right of the window
Back Door Key N/A On window sill behind Xmas Tree Tool shed, in the bucket
on the left shelf
Broom Pantry/storeroom off kitchen Tool shed On the roof, leaning against the
western chimney
Dustpile #1 Kitchen by fireplace Kitchen by sink In kitchen panty/storeroom
Dustpile #2 Kitchen by doorway leading to
north end of living room
By front door Under plant on front porch
Dustpile #3 Near back door On front porch Kitchen under vine
window (by fireplace)
Dustpile #4 By fireplace/Xmas tree By Xmas tree Back porch (porch)
Dustpile #5 In small sitting area by bookshelf Under plant to left of fireplace Behind Xmas tree
Dustpile #6 N/A Up above pantry (go up ladder) Out front at path intersection
Matches On table to left of fireplace
in living room
In lower left cupboard
in kitchen
Under the back porch
next to the house
Next to victrola and
on table by it
On table in crawlspace
above storeroom
In rafters at south
end (above library)
Ruby N/A Under apple on kitchen counter Behind logs in living room fireplace,
AFTER lighting fire
Emerald N/A Behind plant in corner of living
room left of fireplace
Inside cabbage (cut with knife)
Diamond N/A Outside on wall east of house On edge of roof above back porch
Painting #1 N/A N/A In crawlspace above storeroom
Painting #2 N/A N/A Up in chimney in kitchen
Painting #3 N/A N/A Behind shelf in SE
corner of library
Painting #4 N/A N/A East rafters above tree
Painting #5 N/A N/A Under east end of back porch
Painting #6 N/A N/A On roof of shed in back yard
Cookie #1 On the counter by the sink On the counter by the sink On the back of the large
tree in the dark corner
of the back yard
Cookie #2 On the counter by the sink On the counter by the sink On the ground outside the
main gate opposite the front door
Cookie #3 On the counter by the sink In the kitchen cupboard
with the goblets
On a rafter beam above
the kitchen island
Cookie #4 On the counter by the sink In the pantry on the top
shelf in a corner
On a rafter beam above the
living room (fireplace end)
Cookie #5 On the counter by the sink Behind the victrola Atop a bookshelf in the
small sitting area
Knife Kitchen counter by the cabbages In the shed, stuck in the wall Stuck in the frame above the large
doors leading off the property, if
you turn left when leaving through
the front door
Wine Carafe N/A In the kitchen fireplace On the roof, atop the
living room chimney