Soulforge Revisited

Guide to Objectives

1. Find out what happened to the secret agent

The body of the secret agent is in full view on the right as you emerge from the vines. Read the scroll in his hand to complete this objective and receive another:

2. Find all five of the secret agent's reports 

Report #1

Walk South to the banners then East to the area with the elevator to Bay C. The report is in a niche on the East wall.

Report #2

This report is tucked between the generators situated between Bays B and C.  You get another objective - find the terrorist bomb store.

Report #3

Take the western route from the start room and Walk north past Bay D. Beware of the camera en route which controls a turret! The report is in the next room on the right, beside the liquid tank against the north wall. You get a new objective - locate the secret terrorist entrance.

Report #4

Take the eastern route from the start and walk north. There is a camera en route which controls two combat bots, so take the aerial route to avoid being spotted. The report is up on a ledge on the eastern side (opposite Storage Room 1).

Report #5

This is in the NE corner of Bay E (under the metal staging). You get a new objective:

3. Enter the Control Room and switch off the cameras

First make your way to the passageway south of the lecture hall. (You can head east just to the south of the bunkroom and then turn north, or else take the NW exit from the Water Tank room.)

You now have two choices - the direct route or via the turret room office.

Direct route

Pick open the doors on the left, walk past the golden child to the bay and climb the ladder on the right. Follow the walkway to the centre of the room. (Crouch and creep to avoid alerting the cameras.)

Turret room office

There are two routes to get there:
a. The simplest is to walk through the lecture hall to the NE corner, go down the passage, turn left in the turret room, climb the ladder and follow the walkways to the office.

b. The other way is to climb the ladder in the chute opposite the double doors and go along the metal tunnel to the first exit on the left. Jump across to the walkways and follow them round to the office. Climb up through the vines into a circular tunnel - you can see a blue light at the far end. Go along the tunnel to emerge on top of a machine casing. Hop down onto the walkway.

You have now arrived at the same point whichever route you took. Use a couple of vine arrows to get onto the top of the grey metal construction below the blue light. Crouch to open the metal hatch on the right and drop down into the control room. The button to switch off the cameras is on the control panel on the right.

4. Find the terrorist bomb store

Make your way to the recycling bay. The gound level route involves ducking through some circular saw blades, or you can take the secret passage from the control room (one of the switches to the right of the deactivation button opens the door). When you get to the bay, cross the bridge on the south side, climb the ladder into the wall recess and operate the switch.  This opens the bomb store door in the SE corner.

5. Locate the terrorist secret entrance

You need to make your way to the lowest level of the north complex. Go down the ramp west of the SW exit from the water tanks to the lower level then take the elevator on the east side down to Exploratory Inventing. Head west until you come to the edge above an even lower level. Climb down the ladder, pull the big red lever in the SW corner of this area, then climb back up the ladder and go south.

Enter one of the two hatches that are now open, drop down to the room below and make your way to the SW corner. Flip the switch behind the turbine on the right and the secret entrance will open. Walk in a few paces to complete the objective.

6. To mark the secret entrance, leave Dewdrop on the grating outside the closed door (Optional)

To do this you need to find Dewdrop. She is in the control room in a recess on the south side at the top of the ramp.

7. Find and steal the priceless Keeper Medallion (Optional)

Go down the ramp to the lower level then cross the room to the small electrical devices east of the moving conveyor belts. Flip the switch behind the right-hand device and a secret door in the NE corner of the room will open. The medallion is inside.

8. Signal 'safe to enter' by going out of the Bay A doors

This is straightforward except that the doors will not open until:

You have found all 5 of the secret agent's reports
The cameras are switched off
You have found the bomb store
You have found the secret entrance
You have achieved the loot total
There are no combat bots active

Guide to Secrets

Secret #1. In the start room, climb up to the ledge above the odometer via a vine arrow into the grating. Drop into the passage and flip the switch on the wall to emerge in Bay E.

Secret #2. In Bay E there are two short right-angled passages in the walls opposite the cameras. There is a sceptre in a niche in the wall of the passage near the lava.

Secret #3. Climb up the north side of the North Apse by jumping from ledge to ledge and using the ladders in the rooms. Eventually you will need to use a vine arrow to get to the top ledge. Climb the ladder in this room, jump across to the platform and enter the metal tunnel. (You can use the elevator on the way down.)

Secret #4. This is the switch which opens the lower door of the secret passage from the Control Room to the machine bay below.

Secret #5. As you leave the terrorist secret entrance, look up to your right. Flip the switch to open up a secret passage in the far wall. Climb the ladders at the far end, then flip the switch and emerge at the bottom of the ramp.

Freddy Fox - 30th April 2011