Note: These hints contain hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: Do not disturb these powder kegs - some items are already armed.

Reversing the Order - Hints


This is a very difficult mission. Events and actions vary on each and every playing. However, some things remain much the same - reading the scroll on the table in the Attorneys' reception area will set the scene.


In Normal and Hard difficulties Franticius takes up a strategic position when the initial conversation is over:

In Normal he positions himself in a doorway near Garrett's apartment.
In Hard he positions himself at the barn, in the south of the industrial area.

Nothing else significant happens until just before 10 o'clock, when Alisha arrives in the pub. A few minutes later she is chased out of the front door by two swordsmen. She usually manages to evade them, comes back into the pub, leaves by the back door and hurries down over the North Bridge and past the mortuary to the tunnel into the industrial area.

From the tunnel, Alisha takes a complicated route through the industrial area to the West Bridge gate, then goes down the gated passageway beside Kevel's house and on to Garrett's apartment.

Expert Only: About 10 minutes after Alisha leaves the pub the second time, Franticius and three swordsmen appear at the back of the pub, and follow Alisha's route down over the North Bridge.

Five more assassins appear from various locations at intervals and join the hunt for Alisha.

There are many assassins awaiting Alisha's arrival in the industrial area, and more above the West Bridge gate and near Garrett's apartment. A good way to discover their positions is from roof level. There are several ladders, and most drainpipes are climbable.

Alisha is probably the best fighter in the game, and stands a good chance of winning any one-on-one fight.

Use the first 10 minutes wisely - stock up on weapons and remove as many opponents as possible.

Killing Franticius

In Expert the player is not allowed to kill Franticius directly. There are at least six ways to get him killed indirectly:

1. Alisha kills him.
2. He is killed in a fireworks explosion.
3. He drowns (the Pond area is recommended).
4. He is crushed by the elevator in the barn.
5. He is squashed by the trap door bridge east of the barn.
6. He is shot by the hidden archer in Garrett's apartment. (If the archer is asleep you can wake him by shooting out both windows.)

Q and A spoilers

Where is Garrett's apartment?

Go down the slope from the SW corner of the town square and cross over West Bridge. Turn left (S) before the gates and go straight ahead to Kevel's house. Pick the door open, go downstairs and out of the back door. Continue on, cross the wooden bridge, turn left past the well then turn left again. The apartment is straight ahead.

Where are the weapon stashes?

Up in the clocktower.

In the room high up north of the wooden bridge between Kevel's house and Garrett's apartment.

In the Keepers' safe house.

In the Infirmary surgery.

Where is the safe house?

It's the central building on the north side of the industrial area. Jump in the water from the metal landing stage, turn west and climb the ladder on the left.

Freddy Fox - 2nd May 2005