Your Last Breath

Author: Garrett_729

Note: This walkthrough is intended for the original version, Expert difficulty

This guide is copyright © 2005 by Garrett_729

Outpost 2 & Serena

Welcome to a mission that’ll make sailors sick! Just kidding! To start off, jump in the water (beware the Mechanist Helmet Archer Diver that patrols underwater, you can’t BJ or kill him) and swim slightly southeast to a small building. There’s a hole in the bottom you can enter by. Climb the ladder and BJ Martel (The Mechanist Diver. His name comes up in a later readable). Read the nearby journal to learn of Serena – she went off searching for treasure and hasn’t come back yet. Dive to the east to find her, dead. A scroll nearby claims she found the treasure. Near the scroll are 5 purses (500 total loot). Rush back to Outpost 2 for air. Get to Serena and back without taking damage – it’s possible. BTW: Don’t bother trying to open the treasure chest – it’s empty.

Living Quarters 1/F

Swim north until you reach the next area (Beware the Mechanist Helmet Archer!). There should be a hatch on the ceiling you can enter by. Sorry if I’m not clear enough, that’s the best I can describe it. You know it’s the right room if it has lockers on the east and west sides. One of the lockers contains 4 Flares. Exit the room. The two side rooms here hold nothing of value. Continue through the next door. This room it just full of clanging machines. Climb through the hatch at the Northeast side of the room.

Living Quarters 2/F

There’s a Mechanist Diver patrolling a hallway where the hatch opens up to. Stay in shadow on the ladder (pretty easy, just don’t go too far up) and leap off the ladder and BJ him when he turns around. The door closest to the hatch is a bathroom, and contains nothing. The next door contains Barracks. The two chests contain a ring and a purse (700 total loot). The next door is also barracks. It contains a journal in its only chest. The journal talks about how Serena was extremely eager to hunt for treasure. Priest Hera has ordered everyone not to go near the treasure, which was dumped by smugglers (one of whom Garrett knows). The final room, the Dining Room, only contains 2 Apples and 1 Cucumber. Return through the hatch door to 1/F.

Basement & Surrounding Areas

Go through the hatch on the northern end of the room. You’re in a circle-shaped hallway patrolled by a Mechanist Archer Diver. No shadows. Dang it! Resort to Flash Bombs. Bomb her when she comes by, then BJ her. Even though it’s loud, it doesn’t attract nearby AI – trust me. Head through the door straight across from the one you came out of – Here, you’ll find another hatch door, and a ladder coming from a second and leading to a third. Descend the ladder. Flash Bomb/BJ the Mechanist Diver here. Explore the Basement, but like all basements, it contains cool junk, but nothing useful.

Chapel & Hera’s Quarters

Back in the room of many hatches, climb the ladder to the one on the top. Once upstairs, a nearby door is labeled ‘Chapel’. Skip the door and walk down the hallway to reach a door labeled ‘Priest’s Quarters’. Pick the door and enter. Nothing of use is in the bedroom. Open the next door to see Hera. Shut off the light and BJ her. You should attract another Mechanist. Lean forward and BJ her if she comes around. If she doesn’t, make enough racket until she does. When all is well read the journal. Turns out that Hera ordered Arbez to rig Serena’s helmet so it would flood. This explains her death. Hera also mentions conquering The Island of Iron. Looks like we’ll be seeing undead if we ever get to witness this! Pick the chest here to get a signet (800 total loot). Pick and leave via the only other door. The Chapel. Read the two Mechanist Tombs and then enter the door opposite the Altar. The three chests here contain 1 Spring Wiring, 1 Signal Bolt, and a spice bag (840 total loot). Return to the room with all the hatch doors.

Control Center

Back in the room, go into the only non-hatch door. BJ the Mechanist Diver and read the scroll on the table. The Mechanists are planning to invade TIOI…but we already knew that. Go back through the hatch-door room to the hallway where you took out the Mechanist Archer. Turn right and move down the hall. Stop at the Mech Garage & Lab.

Mechanical Garage & Lab

Inside. The two lockers are worthless. The area next to the left lockers holds a Speed and Breath Potion, the right side holds Flares and A Readable. It explains how to destroy the base. Don’t get your hopes up, you can’t do it. Proceed down the corridor until you see a ladder leading up to a hatch door. Upstairs is Arbez. He always notices you, so Flash Bomb/BJ him. Up here, you see a dead servant on a desk near where Arbez was standing. On the desk is a scroll, a Cultivator, a Diamond Drill Bit and Gold Nugget (1190 total loot), and a Sunburst Device. The scroll tells you that Servants will lead the TIOI attack, and that their cells are currently full.

Air Processing & Servant’s Quarters

Return to the hallway. Enter the next door on your left (there’s one on the right that leads to the Control Center, don’t use it): Air Processing. Nothing in here, except a Mechanist Diver. Creep slowly behind him and BJ him. Back in the hall, take the next door (which is on your left). This is the Servant’s Quarters. Or more accurately, Servant’s Cells. Flash Bomb/BJ the Mechanist Diver Archer that comes through the door. Proceed on through Cell Blocks 1 & 2. (This room and the next room) In Cell Block 3 are 3 masks, 1 Crystal, and a scroll (1365 total loot). The scroll tells us that Lowell is ‘ridiculing’ Arbez for not thinking of the consequences of leaving Serena in the water (JAWS!).

Returning to the Surface

The next room contains a Health and Breath Potion. Open the hatch in here to get back outside. Swim back to the starting point. Still remember to beware of the patrolling MHAD! (Helmet Mechanist).

Congrats! You finished the mission!