Strange Meeting

Open the sewer hatch and follow the sewer tunnels to a room where there are some floating barrels and part of a bot. Flip a lever on the wall behind a barrel then walk back along the tunnel and take the first right. At end of this tunnel, flip a switch behind a barrel and return to the room where you found the first switch. Another gate has been opened so go through that opening and along the passageway. You'll end up in a room with a bunch of bones on the floor. Flip a tiny switch on the wall by the banner then backtrack again, past the spot where you dropped down through the sewer grate and you'll now have access to a ladder.

Climb it and approach the thief standing in the corner. He'll disappear and 2 objectives will be crossed out. You'll get a new objective to forge a sword in the smithy and at the same time, 2 doors will open. Go through the one that leads to a white marble room occupied by a pagan girl. Climb down the ladder and open the chest to acquire 2 rope arrows. Look up and you'll see some wooden beams. Use the rope arrows to climb to the top diagonal beam. Jump from it to a floating square and then to the one in the corner. (To make these platforms more visible, you can choose to kill the pagan girl with one of the rope arrows.) Look up and you'll see another beam. Rope arrow up and climb into a room where you can pick up a slowfall potion from the floor and a parry rod from the flames.

Return to the room where the thief disappeared and go through the other door. Pick up a healing potion from the side of the lava bin then walk into the side room and open the tool chest to find 6 flashbombs. (There are 2 ways through these next rooms. You can try to run through them without harming anyone if you're fast enough or use flashbombs as I've described.) Open the door in this room and toss a flashbomb in to kill the Hammer guard then go through the room and into the next one. A flashbomb will take care of the 2 men in here as well. Open the grate in the wall and climb out. Use another flashbomb to take care of the man here then lob one in through the far window to disable the bot inside.

Climb into the room and flip 2 levers which will open a door. Use another flashbomb to destroy the treebeast in the next room then continue on to the next room. Pick up the Blade of Hate from the red rock and go through the teleport field. You'll end up back in the room with the machinery. Walk back through the teleport field (you may have to try several times to get through) and you'll be in a jail cell with a zombie next door. Pick up all the stuff lying around and make sure you don't overlook the spoon on the floor behind the bed. Use it to unlock the panel in the floor. Inside is the Hand of Death.

Pick up the rock and throw it at the oil lamp on the wall to break it. Frob the lamp to pick up an oil flask. Reach through the bars on the left-hand side of the cell and pick up a small electrical device. Pick up the chair and drop it onto the dead fire then drop the oil flask onto it. Drop the electrical device beside the fire and frob it to light it. Now that you have a fire burning, drop the Hand of Death into the fire and leave it for a bit. Pick it up again and you'll find it is now a hand bone. Sit it on the floor and drop the boulder onto it. Frob the boulder and you'll pick up a finger bone. Use the finger bone to pick open the cell door.

Enter the zombie's cell and turn left through a doorway. Follow the passageway to a room with a small stream of water in the floor. Pick up a key from the water then go back through the passageway to the cell the zombie is in and use the key to unlock the door to the last cell, where an unconscious Pagan girl is lying on the floor. Grab a healing potion then pick her up and go back through the passageway to the room with the stream. (There is another way to end this mission, which I will describe at the end of the walkthrough.) Open the double doors and throw the little girl through the red portal then turn around and step into the fire at the end of the room. You'll be teleported into another room. Pick up the Sword Knob from the pedestal and walk through the next red portal which takes you back to a familiar room, the one with the machines and the lava bin.

Toss the Blade of Hate, the Parry Rod and the Sword Knob into the lava and something will appear on the edge of the bin. (Occasionally it doesn't so save before you try this part as you may have to do it more than once.) Frob the object and you'll teleport into a room where the Sword of Repentance is floating. Pick it up then turn left and walk to the table at the end of the room where you'll find a healing potion and a key.

Use the key to open the locked door and as you step out onto a stepping stone, the objective to forge a weapon in the pool of the smithy completes. You'll receive another objective to destroy the beast that's on the platform at the far end of the lava room. Oh, boy! Since you have no other choice, walk across the stepping stones and begin the battle. Once you've destroyed him, the mission will end.  

Alternate ending:

Instead of throwing the little girl through the fire, you can choose to save yourself and toss her into the fire. Once you do that, you can walk through the red teleport field behind the double doors. You'll find yourself in a room with a sword knob lying on a pedestal. Pick it up and walk through the red portal at the far end of the room. You'll end up back in the machinery room you were in earlier. Toss the sword knob, the Parry Rod and the Blade of Hate into the lava bin and an object will appear on the edge. Frob it and you'll teleport into a room where the Sword of Revenge is floating in the air. Take it, grab a healing potion that is sitting on a small table at the left-hand side of the room then go through the doorway at the far end of the room into a green glade. Kill the man standing in there, which completes an objective saying you are truly evil and you will have to kill yourself. The mission will then end.

I'd like to extend a thank you to the author of the mission, Ar-Zimrathon, for checking over the walkthrough to make sure it was complete and accurate.

Nightwalker – Aug/2006